IVF treatment in Scotland above target at 100% for more than 3 years, as only 12% of English boards offer the full treatment, triggering consequent mental health costs


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From ISD on 29th May 2018:

‘The four IVF centres in Scotland screened 370 eligible patients, compared with 362 in the

previous quarter. 100% of patients were screened for IVF treatment within 365 days. The 90% target continues to be met since it was first measured in March 2015.’


Meanwhile in Tory-run NHS England, only 12% of boards offer three full cycles in line with official guidance. 61% offer only one cycle of treatment and 4% offer none at all. Private treatment costs between £1 343 and £5 788 per cycle.


Also, failing to treat infertility can result in problems and further costs for the NHS in other areas. A Danish study of 98 737 women, between 1973 and 2003, showed that women who were unable to have children were 47% more likely to be hospitalised for schizophrenia and had a significantly higher risk of subsequent drug and alcohol abuse.


Is Ruth Davidson claiming any credit for this?


One thought on “IVF treatment in Scotland above target at 100% for more than 3 years, as only 12% of English boards offer the full treatment, triggering consequent mental health costs

  1. Alasdair Macdonald May 31, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    We know that Ms Davidson is pregnant, but we do not know how this child was conceived, Nor have we any right to know. She is entitled to privacy in such personal matters as anyone else.

    Ms Davidson has been quite outspoken in her defence of the rights of LGBTI+ individuals and has made her own sexuality clear (despite her right to privacy on this matter and not to suffer and harassment.) I support her unequivocally in this.

    IVF has proved to be of immense value to couples who found it difficult to conceive. Ms Davidson and her partner are, understandably delighted by their pregnancy and I think that most people who oppose her party political stance are pleased for them and hope that the child will be born healthy. Clearly, they have experienced the joy of the expectation of a new human in their lives. So, I think that they will feel that as many couples who wish to conceive are given the opportunity to do so. The fact that NHS Scotland has enabled so many people to do this is cause for celebration. I think it is reasonable for Ms Davidson, Mr Leonard, Mr Harvey and Mr Rennie to be asked if they welcome such an achievement and if they are prepared to support actions which enable more people to receive the treatment. It is expensive and there are risks and not just of failure. This is an area where the Scottish Parliament could show a commonality of purpose.

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