No myths here as Scotland demonstrates its welcome for refugees



We’ve already heard from Anas Sarwar that Scotland’s reputation for tolerance and welcoming strangers is more mythical than real. I’ve rebutted that here:

12 reasons why Anas Sarwar is wrong about Scotland’s racism problem….other than in the Scottish Labour Party?

Today, we see further evidence to support my case with this announcement from the Scottish Government:

‘Refugee families: Support arranged ahead of arrival in Scotland. Refugees can now organise financial support for family members before they are reunited in Scotland. Up to £100,000 in Family Reunion Crisis Grants will smooth the path for new arrivals, bridging the gap before they can be assessed for benefits entitlement. The grants provide assistance with initial living costs, as well as essential items, such as beds, for those arriving in Scotland under family reunion rules.’ 

The Equalities Secretary, Angela Constance, also commented:

‘Scotland is a welcoming country and we want everyone who chooses it as their new home to be able to do so with a sense of safety, security and hope for their future here. We firmly believe in supporting refugees from the day they get here, and these grants are an example of how we can provide practical support for people to get back on their feet and take their place as valued members of our communities.’

This is further evidence of the increasingly compassionate and unique nature of the SNP government in Scotland which, of course, reflects wider values prevalent in the population. See:

Scotland rehomes 2 000 Syrian refugees three years early

Scotland takes nearly 26% of Syrian refugees settled in UK with only 8% of the UK population

Refugees: The Kindness of Our Ancestors

Why Scotland’s welcome for 1000 Syrian refugees should be a matter for pride but still kept in context


6 thoughts on “No myths here as Scotland demonstrates its welcome for refugees

  1. Contrary May 9, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    The opinions and actions of a government definitely seem to influence attitudes and behaviour of the population – and must be a stronger influence than that of media? We are bombarded by so much hate and prejudice by the uk government & it’s media, I am constantly astonished by how well Scotland’s people are holding up. I do hear more outspoken bigotry in the last couple of years, as though it is suddenly acceptable again, but not a huge amount. Diversity and inclusion is the way to go for any society and demonstrates a solidity of character, confidence, and belief in self of the individuals in that society. I hope scots remain true to themselves and know that there is greater strength in being able to welcome different people into their communities than there is otherwise.

    John, I was looking at your Twitter feed for extra articles, and was thinking maybe your bio looked a tiny bit,,,, sparse? I must have been expecting some of your humour to be headlined on it or something, you have had some entertaining subheadings on this blog after all! I hope you aren’t resigned to your lot in life as well, and you’ll keep fighting the good fight 🙂


    • johnrobertson834 May 10, 2018 / 7:10 am

      Yes, the Yes movement seems in rude good health despite it all.

      As for my sparse Bio, just lack of attention. I’ll have a look.



    • Contrary May 10, 2018 / 6:54 pm

      Definitely jazz up your bio, people do seem to check these things out, and ‘resigned’ isn’t really the most inspiring word. You could have ‘John Robertson: Jazz singer, philanthropist, kick boxer, erudite opinionator and former academic specialising in analytics’ ,,, not sure what all your hobbies are of course, so you might want to try something closer to the truth, unless that is the truth, of course 😀

      Of course, with greater public exposure comes greater numbers of zoomers making personal attacks – ANYBODY (or thing) making a personal attack is not real. To debate an article or to question the substance of any of your analysis – fine, we have to accept all opinions differ, though they should be very sure they have done their reading beforehand. But, to comment and imply you are somehow less able because of their own uneducated opinion, is an attack of a personal nature and just makes that person (thing) an arsehole – those comments are perhaps better deleted instantly?

      Anyway, I hope you have steeled yourself, shored up the defences, battened to hatches, etc, for any such attacks. Certainly any comment that starts ‘ you are mentally ill so,,,’ not only has no bearing on any of the debates or articles here, but is harmful to others reading it (sorry, I’m really quite annoyed at a previous comment elsewhere) – millions of people are trying to cope with various forms of anxiety and depression every day, and all of their opinions and ideas are just as valid and valuable as anyone else’s. Certainly a carefully outlined analysis by anyone cannot be called into question based on an invalid perception of the author’s mental well being / how they dress / professional standing etc.

      But, in the world of unionist fascist rule, unprovoked senseless personal attacks would seem to imply that your articles are hitting the spot John 😉 – they appear to have no other way of expressing their fear, pathetic as it is.

      And the only reason that that fear could exist is because they must know that the union is a wrong thing.


      • johnrobertson834 May 11, 2018 / 7:15 am

        Thanks Contrary

        Excellent ideas

        Batten down the hatches! We’ll teach those hatches.


      • Contrary May 11, 2018 / 7:34 am

        Haha, yes, batten down, must have been auto-correct on overdrive there 😉

        I can’t help thinking that ‘excellent ideas’ means you’ve decided to take up kick boxing, bet that would throw a few people off on their preconceptions (mine included!)


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