Scottish universities at cutting edge on crop technology


(c) UWS

In Insider today:

‘A new imaging system to increase crop yield is led by Glasgow firm Wideblue and brings together top brains from University of the West of Scotland, University of Strathclyde, the James Hutton Institute. The team’s HSI system, manufactured by Wideblue, uses UWS-designed ‘linear variable optical filters’ to disperse light reflecting from plants into specific wavelengths and colours. A new type of imaging system for use in agriculture, designed to be less expensive than existing technology and to increase crop yield, is being developed in a partnership between academics and industry.’

‘Top brains’ at my old employer? I’m saying nothing.

Seriously though, this is another example of Scotland’s university sector punching above its weight in research which will improve the lives of those in the developed and developing world. See these recent examples:

Scotland’s world-leading expertise to the fore again in India and Bangladesh

Scotland’s tidal energy expertise to help poor communities in South-East Asia

Edinburgh poised to make significant advances in mental health research based upon data science ‘unparalleled in UK’.

Scottish research to be used in $1.2 billion initiative to help poor Indian farmers

Let me know if this makes Reporting Scotland?


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