Wales and Scotland outperform bigger nations at Commonwealth Games


The top of the table today is above:

Wales is 7th and Scotland is 8th though we have more medals altogether than Wales. The elitist emphasis on gold medals means that South Africa and India are 5th and 3rd respectively, despite having fewer medals than Scotland. Canada is similarly disadvantaged.

However, when you take into account population, Wales and Scotland are seen to be the real winners alongside the Kiwis who we already knew were fit.

Based on all medals and the number of medals per head of population, for these 8 countries, we get:

Country                       Ratio of medals to population

  1. Wales                1: 161 210 people
  2. New Zealand   1: 191 748
  3. Scotland          1: 200 174
  4. Australia        1: 219 633
  5. Canada          1: 926 315
  6. England        1: 911 965
  7. S Africa        1: 3 031 039
  8. India            1: 7 065 563


I know, there will be a tiny country with one medal which is technically top. I also note the importance of poverty levels in India and South Africa, but Wales and Scotland are no more affluent than Canada, England or Australia.




3 thoughts on “Wales and Scotland outperform bigger nations at Commonwealth Games

  1. Holebender April 11, 2018 / 7:59 am

    Shouldn’t England be above Canada, based on your figures? 911,965 is a smaller number than 926,315.


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