Why Scottish Labour cannot be trusted to protect the Scottish people


(c) Falkirk Labour

Just a quick reminder of something most of you probably need no reminding of but hey. Labour councillors in Falkirk have backed a motion to let the Tory group increase their presence on the council’s executive committee. The SNP lead a minority administration with 12 members to Labour’s 9, Tories’ 7 and Independent’s 2. Despite this, the provost is an ‘Independent’ (shy Tory?) presumably based on Labour support.

This is merely one of the pieces of evidence, we see regularly, of the tribalism of many Labour representatives that enables them to forget the progressive policies their leaders espouse, which they mostly share with the SNP, and align themselves with the awful Tories just to get back at the SNP because they have replaced dysfunctional and corrupt Labour politicians in the trust of folk in most parts of the country.

According to Wing over Scotland:

‘By my count there are now EIGHT councils in Scotland where the SNP are the biggest party but are frozen out of the administration by Unionists, half of which involve Labour and the Tories teaming up to do so.’

Wings Over Scotland‏Verified account @WingsScotland 6h6 hours ago



3 thoughts on “Why Scottish Labour cannot be trusted to protect the Scottish people

  1. Dave Williams April 9, 2018 / 7:59 am

    I was at the meeting ..disgusting..no other words to describe it..SNP have done good work up til now..watch it all go to pot..because of Goldie and his lap dogs…two Labour Councillors didn’t turn up…I imagine through embarrassment..small mercies…they could have turned up and acted in the way a Labour politician is supposed to ..bah!!!

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