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Such is the extravagant wealth and mass attendances at the top games in England with a dazzling array of highly-gifted players, the Scottish game can look a bit modest, but it’s an unfair comparison. I watch Sportscene, enjoy a lot of the football played and I much prefer Stephen Thomson and Michael Stewart teasing each other in the analysis part to most of the nasty criticism from ‘those well-past-it’ or ‘the never-were-that-great-themselves’, on Match of the Day. We have Kris Boyd’s hilarious goal celebrations too. To be serious though we also know this:

Scottish Premiership is the best supported in Europe! It is, really, per capita.

Who’d a thunk? Now, again in Insider (forward?) we read of the financial health and thus sustainability of the Scottish game. See this:

‘Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and the like are showing the game north of the border – despite generating a relative pittance in broadcasting income – is in good shape.’  

There’s clearly a disparity between the rich and the poor. Celtic, buoyed by UEFA payouts of €32 million, made £18 for every £1 earned by Kilmarnock. Yet Kilmarnock had a good year in 2016/17, as their income was up 28% in the season, partially due to higher gate receipts as the return of Rangers to the Scottish Premiership helped boost attendances for the clubs who hosted them.’

The report goes on to conclude:

‘What is encouraging is that clubs seem to have a handle on wages, as the key performance indicator used within the game is wages as a proportion of income. Kilmarnock’s profits on such a small turnover are astounding. The club has shown that by managing itself prudently as a business and not trying to live beyond its means can ensure both survival in the Scottish Premiership and a happy bank manager.’

This is not pro-Killie propaganda. I live in Ayr and support the Bairns!


6 thoughts on “Talking-up Scottish football

  1. David Connelly March 10, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    Smaller clubs in lower leagues are not doing as well as the premiership clubs. The drag on Scottish football of the old firm means local clubs loose a huge amount of local support to the Glasgow Clubs. The need for a proper distribution of central funds would at least make for a fair distribution of wealth from advertising and broadcasting. The ability of the wealthier clubs to poach players and tempt them to Glasgow with contracts also unfairly affects the growth of local clubs.

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    • johnrobertson834 March 11, 2018 / 7:59 am

      Yes, true. I used to watch the Old firm buses leave Falkirk on match day.


  2. Bob Wallace March 13, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    Very sorry to hear that you live in Ayr, John, but to see the current strength of Scottish football you could do worse than head for Rugby Park tonight. Cash gates will be open in the Moffat stand as both of the main stands are sold out.

    C’mon the Killie!

    PS: Love your blog. Keep up the good work.


  3. Ludo Thierry March 14, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    Good to see this high profile Scottish football manager put his head above the MSM parapet. My ‘interpretation’ of his comments are that all the shitstorm around the OBFA should cease forthwith as it is clearly delivering benefits (‘It is better now…’). Amazed that beeb Jockland site carried this interview:

    Sectarianism in Scottish football: Neil Lennon – ‘It is better now, but there is no place for it’

    Hibernian boss Neil Lennon believes there are fewer incidents of sectarian chants and songs in Scottish football than in years gone by.

    “There is no place for sectarianism anymore. It is a form of racism, and we want to kick all forms of racism out of the game completely.

    “There is no place in society for it. Some people use football as a vehicle to vent their frustrations or beliefs. But not many people want to listen to it anymore.”

    Can anybody explain too me how/why the Scottish Green Party have managed to tie themselves into the britnat parties’ narrative around this issue? I sometimes wonder how we Scots manage to score sooo many ‘own goals’ on the path to our Indy future?


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