Police Scotland, world experts on violence reduction, are now to advise The Met after helping the NYPD and Canada Police. Scotland’s media ignore the story in favour of anything negative they can find.


Back in October, I was able to report on Police Scotland officers demonstrating how to defuse dangerous situations with a knife-holding person. I was impressed. It was clear the NYPD officers would have shot the offender in every case. I felt relieved and proud of these Scottish officers. See this for more:

First New York Police and now Canada’s police come to learn from Scotland’s successes in tackling violence

Our mainstream media missed the story with only Sky TV news reporting it.

Now, I read that the London Metropolitan chief is to visit Scotland in the wake of a series of stabbings and murders in the city over the last year or so in the hope of learning how we have managed to reduce knife crime and knife possession dramatically in the last ten years.

Only the Guardian seemed to report the story. I could find no mention in Herald, Scotsman, or Record, nothing on the BBC Scotland and STV websites. I can’t bear to watch the TV news so perhaps readers will let me know if it was reported there. Here’s what the Guardian had to say:

‘Met chief, Cressida Dick, will visit Glasgow on Friday to learn more about Police Scotland’s pioneering work on tackling knife crime in the city once known as the stabbing capital of Europe. Dick told the London assembly at the beginning of January that it was time to treat knife crime as a public health crisis, an approach credited with dramatically reducing deaths in Scotland, which little more than a decade ago had the second highest murder rate in western Europe. Of the 39 children and young people killed with knives in the UK last year, not one was in Scotland. The Violence Reduction Unit was set up in 2005 to tackle Glasgow’s deeply rooted blade culture that had barely moved on since the Gorbals gangland was immortalised in the 1935 novel No Mean City. Since then all knife crime rates have been incrementally reduced. Assaults involving knives had fallen by a third by 2012 and there was a 69% drop in recorded incidents of people carrying knives by 2016, according to Police Scotland figures.’


The Herald and the BBC website did have a Police Scotland story but preferred to focus on the alleged unlawful action by the Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) which they could blow-up into a scandal with tabloid comments like

‘Leader comment: Police Scotland in the dock again’

‘Police Scotland seems to stumble from one fiasco to another.’


‘Durham chief slams Police Scotland ‘ineptitude’ over probe’


The CCU story is of course worth covering but isn’t balance something that our media like to claim they practice?

6 thoughts on “Police Scotland, world experts on violence reduction, are now to advise The Met after helping the NYPD and Canada Police. Scotland’s media ignore the story in favour of anything negative they can find.

  1. Alasdair Macdonald February 23, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    The last time you reported on reductions in the levels of violence in Scotland, I surmised that we would see a diet of violence related stories on the BBC Scottish pages ….. and, sure enough, close to 50% of stories, particularly in the Glasgow and West section report violent incidents.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Alasdair Macdonald. February 24, 2018 / 10:30 am

        One of the ‘violent’ stories on the Glasgow and West page related to an incident in DORSET! Do you think they have a quota of violent stories to find or do they just don’ t know their geography …. after all, there is a Dorset Street in Glasgow and that must be confusing.

        Does this mean because we have Jamaica St, Tobago St, French St then crime data from all these places can be attributed to Glasgow?


  2. Ernie Ross February 24, 2018 / 11:57 am

    John are you Serious that bbc Salford ran with this story? not one newspaper or tv channel in Scotland even mentions it, seems report outside scotland with real news but concentrate on #SNPBAD policies namely police Scotland one of SNP ideas.


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