‘Yes’ and SNP supporters more likely to support human rights


The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) says:

‘Your rights include things like your right to be free from violence, your freedom to follow a religion, your privacy, your rights at work, adequate housing and food, to health and social security, to help from the law, and more. These rights are protected by international and domestic laws.’

But not everyone agrees. A survey by the SHRC found that:

‘54% of those who voted ‘Yes’ in the Scottish independence referendum are human rights

supporters, compared to 32% who voted ‘No’. Looking at how people voted in the 2015

Westminster elections: 49% of SNP voters, 46% of Lib Dem voters and 43% of Labour voters are human rights supporters; compared to 17% of Conservative voters.’


Well I suppose it could be worse but I’m still just a bit disappointed by the size of the margins.

As for the Scottish Tories, well 17% of them have made a big mistake and the others can just go back to where their values came from – Mordor?


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