‘North Sea full of opportunity’


The demise of the North Sea’s oil and gas bounty has been a major plank in Unionist attempts to undermine the idea of an independent Scotland. Like many Unionist arguments it’s a myth.

With Neptune Energy’s deal to buy Engie’s E&P business, Energy Voice reported yesterday:

 ‘The North Sea is still opportunity-rich for investors, Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) said today.’

The OGUK chief executive said:

‘Having an enterprising company like Neptune growing with the North Sea at the heart of its business is also good news for the future of the UK oil and gas industry. Our industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, energy security and provides billons of pounds to the UK economy. Its continued success requires investment like this.’


Remember, this is merely another confirmation of the long-term prospects for an independent Scotland’s revenue. See, these for more:

Survey of oil industry chiefs shows confidence in North Sea doubling in one year

More evidence that North Sea oil has years of wealth generation still in it.

New technology to extend life of North Sea oilfields. Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

An Edinburgh University Professor says North Sea oil and gas has only ten years left while the Wall Street Journal describes it as an ‘oil hot spot’ and Oil and Gas UK doesn’t recognise his figures. Who’s right?

An additional 900 million barrels in the North Sea by raising recovery factor from only 42%

‘Oil Giants Still Love North Sea’

There are even more if you search the blog for ‘North’.


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