Glasgow Herrod exposes NHS [Scotland] waiting time scandal as only 1.39% of staff have no [free] parking space yet!


Glasgow Herrod owner, J K Herrod

In the Herrod today:

‘More than 2,000 NHS staff await parking permits. The Scottish Government has been urged to carry out a national review of NHS parking and transport after it emerged more than 2 000 NHS workers are waiting on parking permits. A total of 2,247 NHS workers across five different health boards currently do not have permission to park at hospitals and health centres.’

There were 161 329 people employed by NHS Scotland in 2016.

Unlike in England & Wales, nearly all get free parking spaces, as do patients. See:

NHS England outperforms NHS Scotland……in making huge profits (>£120 million!) from car parking including that from disabled patients. SNP Government abolished charges in all but three, where they could not do so, in 2008

Well done, the Herrod, investigative journalism at it’s best, talking something pointless to power!

This SNP government, letting 1.39% of NHS staff wait for free parking permits, makes my blood boil! Get me an ambulance! If it’s a minute late, I’ll be writing to the Horrid unless they stop me with their endless SNP treatment procedures. Making me better, I hate them!

Next week in the Herrod:

The Scottish Government has been urged to carry out a national review of NHS parking and transport after it emerged that more than 160 000 staff, all patients and visitors, get free parking spaces, at the taxpayer’s expense!


4 thoughts on “Glasgow Herrod exposes NHS [Scotland] waiting time scandal as only 1.39% of staff have no [free] parking space yet!

  1. Alasdair Macdonald. February 17, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    And, of course GMS, duly passed the information about this dreadful scandal on.

    Personally, and I have posted the idea on other occasions on this site, is that I think that the presumption should be that all workplace parking for private cars should be paid for and that exceptions are negotiated and agreed. I am not arguing that ambulances, hearses, delivery vehicles, building contractors’ vehicles should face charges. I am arguing that people who work in a location should not presume that they have a right to store a private vehicle.

    I acknowledge that because of the emergency and 24/7 nature of much of medicine, that some staff need to be moved around quickly for the benefit of patients, but let us identify that.

    Much parking space is taken up because individuals use their private cars to travel to and from work, rather than use public transport or having the management arrange transport, such as ‘the works bus’.

    The private car is a significant threat to the quality of life of all of us and really needs to be curtailed. Probably, its curtailment would reduce the demand for hospital treatment.

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  2. Nicola K February 20, 2018 / 1:43 am

    What a load of bigoted twaddle, you lot really are extremely worried about the Labour Party, and the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is coming to number 10. Get used to it, because accountability and truth telling is coming to a street, council and parliament near you soon.


    • Lesley Muir December 28, 2018 / 7:25 pm

      What is bigoted twaddle about objecting to a false report which states that most NHS Scotland employees who work at a hospital in Scotland don’t have a parking permit… when there has been free parking at all Scottish Hospitals bar three for the last ten years thanks to the Scottish Government?

      Whilst people in England seem happy to vote for parties, Labour and Tory, which will not ban parking charges even for the disabled we watch as NHS England busily privatises itself out of existence as a high quality service free to all at the point of use.

      The nearest seat of Government to where I live is in Edinburgh, and thank goodness for the Scottish Government which tries its utmost to protect NHS Scotland from similar depredations… and other negative impacts on social justice perpetrated by the Westminster government of whatever stripe.

      If accountability and truth telling is coming to Westminster any time soon from either Labour or the Tories, both integrity black holes and riven with splits while the poor and disabled suffer, I’ll eat my kilt.

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