Scottish GPs agree to new contract by 71.5%. Did the 5% wasted forms have willies drawn on them?


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I heard on Sky News this morning that NHS England is not alone in being in crisis. It’s the same in Scotland too and the Irish newspapers are saying the same he noted confidently. Other than the short winter overload in A&E caused by massive increases in flu, I’m at a loss to identify any other part of NHS Scotland struggling while NHS England is in crisis almost across the board(s).

However, returning to GPs, we already know that Scotland is better staffed per head of population than other parts of the UK:

As anti-SNP media scrabble desperately for a crisis in NHS Scotland, GP numbers hold constant and access for patients remains far better than in any other part of the UK

The welcome for the new contract here seems to be just another indicator of good management of the NHS by the SNP government akin to the recent evidence of nurse numbers also holding up at a higher level than elsewhere in the UK and the wise decision not to bully the junior doctors into accepting worsened conditions:

NHS England ‘haemorrhaging’ nurses as 33 000 leave each year. NHS Scotland Nurse staffing increases.

As the Herald attempts to worry us with 0.58% of nurses planning to work abroad, official statistics show NHS Scotland has many more nurses per head of population than crisis-ridden NHS England, after 10 years of SNP administration.

Here’s what the BMA Scotland reported today:

‘To inform the Scottish GP Committee’s decision on whether to implement the proposed new GMS contract in Scotland, a poll of the profession was held to establish whether the contract had the backing of GPs in Scotland. The poll was held between 7 December and 4 January and was open to all GPs working in Scotland, including trainees and locums. The poll asked the question: ‘Do you wish to see the proposed new Scottish GMS contract implemented?’

The overall results were:

Yes       71.5%

No        28.5%

Spoilt   5%

I couldn’t help laughing at the idea of GPs spoiling votes. Did they draw willies on the form but more anatomically correct ones?


2 thoughts on “Scottish GPs agree to new contract by 71.5%. Did the 5% wasted forms have willies drawn on them?

  1. Alasdair Macdonald. January 19, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    I think that as far as the metropolitan media are concerned, anywhere further than 2 miles from Tower Bridge is a foreign place and foreigners are not normal people, about whom anything can be believed. Many Scots want to leave England, so they must be bad at anything. So, if they say something about Scotland that puts England in a better context, it must be right.

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