Reporting Scotland headline Tory FOI request exposing SNP failure to impose minimum pricing on tooth-decaying Irn Bru as BBC England expose England’s ‘second-class dental service compared to Scotland.’


BBC Salford headlined their report yesterday with:

‘The British Dental Association said England had a “second-class” dental service compared to Wales and Scotland.’

Before going on to note that:

‘The BDA said England was receiving a “second-class service” because, unlike Wales and Scotland, it has no dedicated national child oral health programme. It said the government’s centrepiece policy Starting Well – aimed at improving oral health outcomes for “high-risk” children – had received no new funding and was operating in parts of just 13 local authorities in England.’

In incisor-sharp contrast, government initiatives in Scotland and Wales seem to have more bite and are resulting in falling rates of tooth decay in young children. Scotland’s ‘Childsmile’ programme has cut £5 million off treatment costs.

Loyally following the advice from Tory health spokesperson, Miles Briggs, that making comparisons with NHS England is a diversionary tactic which is wearing thin for Scots, Reporting Scotland have ignored the above story for this

‘SNP fail Scottish children’s teeth by excluding Irn Bru from minimum-pricing policy’

A Freedom of Information request by the Scottish Conservative Party, nicely written-up, even spell-checked, for BBC Scotland, has revealed the SNP’s shocking incompetence in excluding the high-sugar content Irn Bru from their new minimum pricing policy yet imposing it on the low-sugar content English bitters popular with many Scottish children. Some have suggested that the exclusion of Irn Bru and the inclusion of English beer is a clear sign that the SNP is pursuing anti-English policies.


5 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland headline Tory FOI request exposing SNP failure to impose minimum pricing on tooth-decaying Irn Bru as BBC England expose England’s ‘second-class dental service compared to Scotland.’

  1. Alasdair Macdonald January 14, 2018 / 1:49 pm

    Setting aside, the triviality of this, one has to recognise that Barr’s must have pulled off one of the greatest advertising coups ever, with the BRUhaha, stirred up about the proposed change in recipe to include less sugar. They got front page articles on every Scottish paper, plus big features on STV and BBC bulletins, including radio. And now they are getting coverage due to an inane FOI request.

    Perhaps the exemption is due to the fact that the new version will be low sugar …… and the sugar tax was one of the final actions by Mr Osborne.

    As part of my voluntary work, I tidy paths and green spaces of litter. Cigarette ends and fast food and drinks containers are the bulk of the collection. And, Irn Bru containers are heavily represented. Mr Briggs might have been better, following Mrs May’s green initiative, to have asked how much litter arises from Irn Bru.

    Envoy: given the colour of Said beverage, one would have thought that the no surrender tendency in the Tory Party would want Irn Bru to be given free to all schoolchildren, instead of milk and fruit.

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    • gavin January 14, 2018 / 5:40 pm

      Irn Bru and oranges—the diet of Empire builders, accompanied by flute and drum!

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  2. macgilleleabhar January 15, 2018 / 10:19 am

    Off topic but still relevant. I see signs and have read articles suggesting that the MSM having shown their ineptitude in finding fault with the Scottish NHS that they are now focusing their malign attention on education.
    I am sure many are already aware of this and that the self styled “Mad Professor” will be in his element debunking all their Fake News. I look forward to it.

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