Good News: The Right Horrible David Muddle retains post as Scottish Governor

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Despite the increased competition this time, David Mundell has been reappointed as ‘Secretary of State for Scotland’. Last time he was only up against his own reputation, being the only Scottish Tory MP. This time he had to fight hard against the ‘rich talent’ in the new cohort of Scottish tory MPs. Can you name any of them and comment on speeches they’ve made in Parliament? Me neither.

Can you see him above? He’s away at the end on the left with easily the biggest (shit-eating?) grin on his face, of any of them.

Seriously though, I’m really pleased we’ve been able to retain him, the useless lump. He’s just what the Yes campaign needs to throw things at on a regular basis.

I’m not going to waste my day researching all the reports of his failures so far to protect Scotland. It’s enough, for the moment to remind you of his incredible failure to fight for the amendment of Clause 11 of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill before the final stage of scrutiny in the Commons. Clause 11 is the part which should have included a commitment to protect devolution from a Westminster power grab of up to 111 currently devolved responsibilities held by the EU. Despite Mundell’s presence in the Cabinet, they apparently ran out of time to make the amendments. Aye sure they did?

SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, told Mundell:

‘David, do your job. You’re there to be the Secretary of State for Scotland. Demonstrate to the country that you can do that.’

He’s going to be a very useful idiot as the Indyref2 campaign gets going.


3 thoughts on “Good News: The Right Horrible David Muddle retains post as Scottish Governor

  1. achmony January 11, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Why are we burdened with this absolute and grotesque fuckwit?


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