SNP members most satisfied with their party and most committed to its policies

In a University of London survey report, ‘Grassroots: Britain’s party members: who they are,

what they think, and what they do’, published in January 2018, SNP members are revealed as the most committed and the most satisfied across a number of measures.

Asked why they had joined, SNP members were more likely than the others – Labour, Lib Dem and Tories – to support party policies and to believe in the party leadership. Also, interestingly, they were less likely to be concerned with opposing the policies of their rivals. This latter point suggests a more positive and healthy outlook where energies are not wasted on sniping but rather on pushing policies forward. See below:

Fig 1

Returning to the relationship with the party leadership, only 5% of members were concerned that leaders did not pay attention to members while this dissatisfaction was more common in the other parties and especially in the Tory Party. See:

Fig 2

Across a wider range of indicators, SNP members are revealed to be, in almost every case, found to hold to more progressive, open and caring values than those in the other parties. Perhaps most striking is their perception of their party as much more modern, efficient and competent. Less clear-cut but still there, is their tendency to be more open-minded or tolerant across a range of identity issues and in their compassion for groups such as the unemployed or immigrants. See below:

Fig 3

When it comes to engagement, SNP members had more positive views of local party meetings on all five measures used and, in particularly, the modernity of, presumably, procedures and behaviour, at these. See:

Fig 4Finally, in terms of overall satisfaction with the extent to which membership lived up to expectations, SNP members were much more likely to fully satisfied than all of the others. See:

Fig 5,-Britain’s-Party-Members.pdf

This picture of underlying solidarity, commitment and strength in the SNP suggests that it still has the ability to survive and to continue to outfight the other parties when it comes to electioneering on the streets of Scotland.


3 thoughts on “SNP members most satisfied with their party and most committed to its policies

  1. oidsfjosdifjsodi87w98 January 10, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    Quite amazing figures for the Tories in Fig. 12, makes you wonder why they still have any members. I’m guessing they just enjoy being grumpy 🙂


    • johnrobertson834 January 11, 2018 / 1:12 pm

      Yes, they don’t like each other but they hate the rest of us even more?


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