Canna? Oh aye, we can?


(c) Expedia

With only 15 residents, the Argyll island of Canna has just gained independence….from the National Trust. The locals hope that this will enable them to focus on increasing the tiny population of an island with numerous attractions for visitors. As they put it themselves:

‘Canna welcomes all visitors. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a warmth and hospitality renowned throughout the Hebrides. The Island is a Hebridean Treasure and your stay will be peaceful and relaxing. The stresses of modern living will melt away and you will be left knowing you have been to a special place.’

Like their neighbours on Eigg, they have begun the installation of a wind turbine and solar panels to replace their old and unreliable diesel generators. Also, they plan to upgrade, to all-day access, the tidal causeway linking them to the even smaller island of Sanday.

Footnote for etymology-fans:

‘The meaning of Canaigh is unclear; some scholars argue that it might be related to an Irish Gaelic word for “wolf-pup”, while another group of academics derive the name from a Scottish Gaelic word for “porpoise” and yet another theory believes that, thanks to the island’s shape, Canaigh might be related to an Old Norse word for “knee”.’


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