Scotland wins two Rough Guide Readers’ Awards – Favourite destination and most welcoming country.



We’re used to winning something but this year we got two awards. We’ve previously won the most beautiful country and of course still are. This year we got the top award of ‘Number 1 Destination’ ahead of Iceland:

‘Previously, you named it the most beautiful country in the world – but it’s not all about appearances. This year the Edinburgh Fringe Festival celebrated its 70th year and Glasgow emerged as a foodie destination to watch. Whether you’re exploring the capital or discovering Scotland’s little-visited corners, you’re guaranteed a memorable trip.’



In addition, Scotland won ‘The Most Welcoming Country’ ahead of Canada:

‘Ever a favourite with Rough Guides readers, Scotland came out top as the world’s most welcoming country. Sure, Scotland has some pretty epic scenery and some buzzing cities to boot, but it’s the people that are the real drawcard here. Whether you’re propping up a bar in Edinburgh or trekking the hills of Glen Coe, you’re sure to feel a warm Scottish welcome from whomever you meet.’

Tourism surged in Scotland by 27% against the UK figure of only 18% in 2017. The above two awards suggest two factors in that difference. For a suggestion of others see:

Tourism spending in Scotland surges ahead of UK figure


4 thoughts on “Scotland wins two Rough Guide Readers’ Awards – Favourite destination and most welcoming country.

  1. Ludo Thierry November 28, 2017 / 7:58 pm

    Wow – that is a photo of a mighty beautiful bit of landscape.

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  2. Ludo Thierry November 29, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Hi John – As one with some claim to be a Franco-Scot (Franco by parentage, Scot by upbringing) I am particularly delighted to see the news about the new French Consulate in Edinburgh, especially given that – in true French cultural traditions – the building will act as a major cultural venue during the Festival (from Guardian (apols all) see below):

    The French government is to open a new cultural and diplomatic base in the heart of Edinburgh, reinvigorating one of Scotland’s oldest and strongest foreign alliances.

    France has taken over one of the most prestigious buildings on the Royal Mile, the former chambers for Lothian regional council opposite St Giles Cathedral, as the new home for its consulate and its cultural institute.

    France’s decision to acquire such a prominent site will add to Scotland’s confidence and reinforce its efforts to be seen as a European nation in its own right while the UK struggles with its divorce from the EU.

    Dominating the busiest square in the Old Town, the new consulate is to house a language school, offices and rehearsal rooms for orchestras and arts organisations, a specialist library of French literature with 30,000 books, and a 100-seat concert venue.

    During the festival in August, the consulate will become a fringe venue.

    Félicitations pour un travail très bien fait!


  3. Moonlight December 2, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    The one thing that will further tourism in Scotland is its availability as a primary destination and not one which can only be reached through an English, Dutch or French major hub. The cost of the extra leg, don’t forget the Air Passenger Tax levied by Westminster, will put some off.


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