Strong rise in earnings in Scotland to third highest in UK after London and South-east and evidence of a more equal country?


In August, the Institute for Fiscal Studies released a report which showed that Scotland is second only to South-East England, out of eleven regions surveyed, in terms of median income with much of the improvement coming under an SNP administration.

Now, from the ONS: Statistical bulletin: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings: 2017 provisional and 2016 revised results, described as ‘the most detailed and comprehensive source of earnings information in the UK’ we read:

‘The strong rise of earnings in Scotland can be seen in Figure 12, which plots an index of growth from 1997 for the constituent countries of the UK, and London.


Notice in the above, increases in Scottish earnings begin to accelerate away from the other regions from 2011 in a period of SNP majority administration. During the preceding years of Labour/LibDem coalitions they fail to keep up with those for England and London.  Figure 11 shows Scotland in third place in the UK.

Figure 11: Median full-time gross weekly earnings and percentage change from previous year, by region, UK, April 2017


Figure 13 shows Scottish regions in the middle to upper range and none in the lowest range of income. Overall, on the basis of an admittedly broad-brush picture, does this suggest a slightly more equal society? I’ve already reported on the wider benefits of more equal societies at: Would Nicola Sturgeon’s fairer and more equal Scotland be a more productive one too?

Figure 13: Median full-time gross weekly earnings by place of work, Great Britain, April 2017

Local authority districts


More evidence for the Fraser of Angleterre Institute, of Scotland’s ‘fragile economy’?


5 thoughts on “Strong rise in earnings in Scotland to third highest in UK after London and South-east and evidence of a more equal country?

  1. Ludo Thierry October 27, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Hi John – Long Live Catalonia. (Keeping fingers and toes crossed that the Francoists don’t unleash the dogs of war).

    Noticed 3 stories this week which haven’t had huge coverage but – taken together – seem to say something about Scotland’s current political situation.

    Firstly: Preparations have begun for housing in the Highlands a third group of refugees that have fled the conflict in Syria.(from beeb website):

    Working with Scottish councils body Cosla, Highland Council has already resettled nine families in its area.

    Four families were provided with homes in Lochaber earlier this year and five were given accommodation in Alness in Easter Ross in 2016.

    Highland Council hopes to eventually offer homes to 25 to 30 families over a period of time up to the year 2020.

    The local authority plans to house the new group of families in Ross-shire.

    (The SNP Scottish Govt together with COSLA and Highland Council make preparations to welcome further refugees to Scotland – New Scots who will play a part in reversing the Highland depopulation which the benefits of Westminster rule have created).

    Next: May challenged over ‘disgraceful’ deportation of American couple who ran Highland B&B, The National, October 25

    AN American couple who own a bed and breakfast in the Highlands have spoken of their anguish after being given just a month to leave the UK.

    Russell and Ellen Felber, who are originally from New York, have invested £400,000 in the property in Inverness after coming to Scotland almost six years ago on a five-year entrepreneur visa.

    (New Scots – investing their cash, energy, hearts and souls into the Scottish Highlands are being kicked out of Scotland by immigration obsessed Theresa the Tory – Unemployment beckons for their full-time employee in their B+B).

    Next: (From today’s National): ONE of Scotland’s wealthiest MSPs stands accused of causing misery to neighbours of his Speyside estate in a decade-long dispute over his refusal to maintain a derelict, run-down cottage.

    Sir Edward Mountain, the Tory rural affairs spokesman, is blocking the provision of housing and creating a road traffic hazard all because he refuses to cut the greenery in a disused cottage.

    Neighbours have tried to convince the 4th Baronet to act for years and the local council says it is has done all it can.

    Confirming that it has endeavoured to find solutions, Moray Council said: “The hedge itself is outwith the road and the council does not have the power to cut back, or enforce the cutting back of the hedge. As for the derelict cottage, our empty homes officer wrote to Mr Mountain to offer support in bringing the property back into use, as well as spoke to him about financial support that may be available.

    “With regard to Mr Cadenhead, the planning application was refused as there was insufficient visibility available for access on to the road due to a tree on Mr Mountain’s land.”

    So there we have it. The Scottish Govt, COSLA and Highland Council trying to help the world’s most vulnerable people by giving them a welcoming home in the Highlands.

    Energetic and enterprising north American New Scots couple being kicked out of the Highlands by Theresa May (Scotland loses a prize winning tourist business and a Scottish worker loses their job).

    Col. Davidson’s LAND REFORM spokesman ‘Sir’ Ed Mountain deliberately lets a good cottage go to ruin rather than allow a local family (in a Highland housing crisis area) rent it. His refusal to cut back the overgrowth means the Council are unable to permit the neighbouring plot to have a house built on it due to concerns about safety on the adjoining road.

    Each of these stories – in its different way – tells us why we MUST prevail at the Indyref.

    Ta, ludo


  2. johnrobertson834 October 27, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Great stuff Ludo. Many thanks. Like you, I’m anxious for the Catalans. Surely the Madrid government won’t take us back the time of Franco?


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