Scottish Government to share £1.5m among 33 projects to increase local access to decision-making in deprived communities



‘Communities from Arbroath to Ullapool will share £1.5 million to increase the numbers of people involved in making decisions about investment in their local areas. A total of 33 organisations from across Scotland were successful in securing Community Choices Funding in 2017/18 to host events and find new ways to encourage participation in financial decision making.’

Here are a few of the projects to give a flavour of the kind of thing funded:

  • The Cranhill Development Trust in Glasgow will use £39,590 to work with One Parent Families Scotland in Riddrie and Cranhill to help reduce the impact of school holidays on family poverty and food insecurity
  • Midlothian Council will also work with schools and parents to tackle poverty, using its award of £30,000 to support families in Mayfield, Woodburn and Gorebridge cover the costs of the school day
  • The joint community councils of Moray will work with people of all ages to improve general health and wellbeing in the area using £66,500
  • Dundee City Council has secured £80,000 to involve communities from across the city in infrastructure projects

More detail is available at the site. I thought it worth a quick mention as a further example of the kind of values apparent in the SNP administration. I feel sure St Theresa, patron saint of expensive leather breeks, is just about to launch similar initiatives in parts of England.

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