‘Hydro power scheme gets ski resort off a slippery slope’

£5.5 million_Ski_Centres_AR

(c) pressandjournal.co.uk

I think the above Energy Voice headline is too good to beat so I’ve left it for you.

You know, of course, that Scotland’s ski slopes often suffer shortages of snow in our increasingly mild winters and that means loss of revenue. However, someone at the Nevis Range Hydro Company has come up with a brilliant idea to build a new hydroelectric scheme at the Allt Choille Rais on Aonach Mor which will exploit the non-frozen form of snow on the many wet and windy days to generate enough electricity to power the snow-making machines, the gondola which takes skiers up the mountain and around 1 000 households.

The new scheme will have an output range of 40kW to 1.1MwH from two turbines. The scheme was launched by the Scottish government minister for Business Innovation and Energy. The cost was £4 million. I can’t see anywhere clear mention of who funded it though in a Press & Journal report, I found mention of the Scottish Government ski areas infrastructure funding package enabling the company to start work on the electrification of its summit tow. Why do I have to dig deep to find evidence of the good work of the SNP-led administration?





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