All Scottish Health Boards’ A&E departments outperform NHS England A&E in Summer 2017 and have done for more than two years now


Scotland, as a whole, has hit the target of 95% of patients in A&E seen within four hours for the last three months in succession. I don’t know what MSM coverage this is getting. For some regions the figure is pushing 99%. This is a massive achievement especially for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with its huge population and the massive challenges posed by its surrounding population.

2017 /18 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17
NHS AYRSHIRE & ARRAN 96.1% 95.3% 96.8% 96.7% 94.7%
NHS BORDERS 93.6% 93.5% 97.2% 96.0% 96.8%
NHS DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY 93.8% 95.4% 95.6% 94.8% 93.9%
NHS FIFE 93.1% 94.7% 96.2% 96.3% 96.8%
NHS FORTH VALLEY 90.9% 91.8% 94.6% 93.2% 93.5%
NHS GRAMPIAN 96.1% 96.8% 97.1% 96.1% 95.6%
NHS GREATER GLASGOW & CLYDE 89.3% 90.7% 93.1% 94.4% 93.6%
NHS HIGHLAND 96.8% 97.4% 97.4% 97.7% 96.7%
NHS LANARKSHIRE 91.9% 92.4% 94.5% 95.4% 94.5%
NHS LOTHIAN 95.3% 95.1% 95.7% 96.1% 95.2%
NHS ORKNEY 95.4% 96.4% 99.0% 95.0% 97.7%
NHS SHETLAND 97.4% 96.5% 98.0% 97.1% 93.8%
NHS TAYSIDE 98.6% 97.8% 98.7% 98.4% 98.3%
NHS WESTERN ISLES 99.6% 99.3% 99.6% 99.5% 99.3%
NHS SCOTLAND 93.4% 94.0% 95.5% 95.7% 95.0%

Scotland has now performed better than England in A&E every month for more than two years now

In England, only 90.3% of patients were seen within the 4-hour target in August 2017. The target was last achieved in July 2015, more than two years ago

I appreciate this kind of comparison can seem a little heartless and I do genuinely wish NHS England had a government like ours which has formed a good relationship with its health and social services but my purpose here is to remind people that the SNP government in Scotland is working well in this area as it is in others, despite the selective negativity of our mainstream media reporting and to compensate for the latter bias.


2 thoughts on “All Scottish Health Boards’ A&E departments outperform NHS England A&E in Summer 2017 and have done for more than two years now

  1. Alasdair Macdonald October 7, 2017 / 6:35 pm

    There is nothing on the BBC on any page about these data. There are reports on someone who had to wait 6 months in a care home until a suitable place for her was found and another about a man who had to wait 8 months for a care package. In both cases, of course one is sympathetic to their plight. There was one about the cost of locums in Grampian and one about the cost of agency nurses.Each of these fits the bill of reporting things which show the NHS in a poor light.

    I am surprised that we did not have Lucy Adams reporting on the failure of Greater Glasgow and Clyde to meet the target, with emphasis on the drop in the most recent month. If the figures were to show that the new southern Glasgow hospital A&E was the lowest figure for the Health Board area, then their joy would be complete.


  2. johnrobertson834 October 7, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    Yes, I’m afraid you’re correct. I just can’t watch. Psych told me not to


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