Scotland ‘poised to be a world leader’ in workplace gender equality


In an assessment by Catalyst Europe, a group which campaigns for gender equality in the workplace, Scotland received high praise.

According to an STV report:

‘In 2015, for the first time, Scottish ministers appointed more women than men to regulated public boards in Scotland, helping to bring the overall percentage of women to an historic high of 42% in December 2015. The proportion of female applicants and appointments continued to increase: in 2016, with 43% of applicants for posts 59% of those appointed being female – an increase of 12 and 20 percentage points respectively from 2012, and a jump of 5% in female appointees in a single year.’

MSPs in Scotland are currently considering a bill to set a 50/50 target for representation on boards by 2022, including university boards, enterprise agencies and those for health and police services.

The director of Catalyst Europe said:

‘I’m very impressed so far with Scotland, but I would have to look and see how many women are in power across corporations, not only in government but corporations. You are poised to be a leader in this region, very much, but let’s see it trickle down into corporations.’

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