Scotland is at the heart of a globally important offshore renewable energy sector


The Offshore Renewable Energy Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) was one of eight audits commissioned by the UK Government to set out the UK’s strengths in key areas. It reported that Scotland and the North of England are global leaders in innovation in this field. The report also found that jobs in these areas could double in the next fifteen years.

Now, I don’t mean to be mean about the grouping of the North of England with Scotland in this assessment but, frankly, I’ve read little to suggest anything near equivalence in the developing expertise in the two areas. Scotland has 25% of all of Europe’s wind potential and a coastline suitable for marine turbines many times greater than the North of England. Reports of innovation in the use of floating windfarms and marine turbines off Scotland’s coast appear weekly in the industry’s news outlets. I see next to nothing about such developments off the coast of the North of England. See, if you need to:

Re-opened Scottish dock to build state-of-the-art floating windfarm to begin to exploit Scotland’s 25% share of all of Europe’s offshore wind potential

‘Scotland ‘Saudi of wind’ or ‘Gagging on Wind Power’

Massive economic benefit for Scottish economy from 84-turbine offshore windfarm

New giant wind-farm off Fife coast to create 500 jobs and supply 325 000 homes

A second ‘biggest in the world’ for Scotland’s renewable energy sector

As world’s largest tidal energy plant in Pentland Firth generates 1GWh which is enough for 700 000 homes, will Scotland become the most energy-rich country in Europe?

4 thoughts on “Scotland is at the heart of a globally important offshore renewable energy sector

  1. Alasdair Macdonald September 23, 2017 / 10:48 am

    About five years ago at the Glasgow Philosophical Society, Professor Jim MacDonald of Strathclyde University gave a lecture about the renewable energy potential of Scotland. He gave a figure of 25% of EUROPE’S, all of Europe, potential renewables lay in Scotland’s territorial area (land and sea) i.e. 51% of the UK’s territorial area.

    But of course, we are too wee and no very good, so it is better to let private companies and Westminster deal with the matter.


      • Alasdair Macdonald September 23, 2017 / 2:43 pm

        You are certainly doing an outstanding job in that regard.

        Even when it is in the public domain, and some unionist makes, say, a statement about North Sea oil being finished, or if some ‘expert’ makes a claim, it will be quoted uncritically by the media.

        I see on Indyref2, there is a sample of a rapid rebuttal video, using the Michelle Thompson case as an example of wilfully misleading reporting by BBC Scotland.

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  2. Clydebuilt September 24, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    Today’s Mail on Sunday page 27 “Brexit Bonus” by Damian Green . . . Analysis DG, strap line makes out that Scotland will gain many new powers , but the article spells out that Westminster are going to keep controls over agriculture and fisheries, and I expect much more, Fracking, Nuclear plant new builds etc. I expect whatever is required to give Westminster the control it wants over Scotland will be Grabbed back.

    Several years back I rember reading that the EU required some powers to be devolved to Scotland. (Does anyone else )

    With the UK out of the EU, England intend to take back these powers.

    Is Westminster more benevolent than Madrid? They are certainly more sophisticated.

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