Did first Britons choose Kilmarnock over Wiltshire?


(c) bbc.co.uk

I know, the headline is just having a bit of fun but maybe what is now desirable Wiltshire was less so then and East Ayrshire had something going for it? Nutrient rich soil? My South Ayrshire back garden is clay. Murder to dig but anything and everything grows in it.

Archaelogists have found evidence of a house 6 000 years-old which predates both Stonehenge and the Callanish stones in Lewis. It’s an early example of the move from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to farming.

All that remains, admittedly, are a number of post holes which suggest a rectangular building about 14m by 8m. That’s quite big isn’t it? They also found a ‘Neolithic carinated cooking bowl.’

Kenneth Green, excavation director at GUARD Archaeology of Glasgow said, in the Scotsman, today:

‘This is one of the most important discoveries of this type in south-west Scotland [UK?] in recent years. The width and depth of these post-holes indicated that they once held very large upright timber posts, suggesting that this building was once a large house, probably home to an extended family or group of families. Up until this time, during the earlier Mesolithic period (c. 8000-4000 BC), Scotland was inhabited by small groups of hunter gatherers, who led a nomadic lifestyle, living off the land.’

Along with the recent series on Neolithic Britain (with Neil Oliver – Aaargh!!!) starting out in the far north and then spreading south, is this more evidence for a less Anglo-centric view of British pre-history?




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