With massive new wind-farms being built and still to come online, Scotland’s existing wind-farms provide 48% of August’s demand and more than 100% on nine days


(Photo: Vincent van Zeijst)

I wrote this on August 11th:

‘Developers EDPR have put in proposals for another massive offshore windfarm off the Moray coast to take advantage of the high and sustainable winds constantly available there. It will be able to power 750 000 homes. We already know of the Beatrice (Moray coast), offshore windfarm which will do 450 000 homes, the 45MWh Neart na Goithe off Fife which will do 325 000 homes (1 million people) and the 50MWh Kincardineshire floating offshore farm which will presumably do even more, say 500 000 homes. Add to that the Pentland Firth tidal energy plant which will power 700 000 homes and you have a total of around 2 725 000 homes.’

This is the massive energy source coming on line in the next few years yet already wind power is producing nearly half of our needs. Remember there are much windier months to come than August.

In August 2017, we saw a 30% increase on the previous year, 93% of the demand for homes and 48% of the total national demand for electricity. With the new offshore farms and tidal energy plants and their higher output and higher consistency of supply, the target of 100% renewable energy generation guaranteed every day is easily on track for 2030



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