Millionaire Labour wannabe leader’s family business pays poverty wages


Picture: John Devlin

Anas Sarwar is a shareholder in United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd which is currently advertising jobs at £7.50 an hour rather than the £8.45 ‘real’ living wage and far less than the £10 an hour supported by his UK leader, Jeremy Corbyn and his current Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale who said during the election campaign:

‘The truth is our businesses can afford to pay a little more so that workers aren’t paid a poverty wage.’

Scottish Government staff are guaranteed £8.45 an hour and it funds the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative, which encourages private sector firms and other bodies to pay £8.45 an hour.

Though formerly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn and his policies, Sarwar has recently made clear his full support for him.


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