More demand for permanent workers and rising pay in Scotland for second month in a row


From the BBC website (and Reporting Scotland or Good Morning Scotland?):

‘The jobs market in Scotland showed continued signs of strength and rising pay last month, according to a regular survey of recruiters. The IHT Markit report showed a further fall in the number of people available for permanent jobs, along with a rise in the number starting new roles. Low unemployment levels helped push up starting pay, though the rate of increase slowed in August.’

This looks like further evidence that the Scottish economy is growing and, of course, is more bad news for the Scottish Tories and Labour. The survey repeats the findings of only a month ago when I wrote:

‘Hopefully, you’ve already seen that the Scottish unemployment rate was down again last month for the third time in a row and that the gap with the rest of UK is getting wider at 3.8% as opposed to 4.5%. In May, the Scottish rate was 4.4% compared to the UK rate of 4.6%. In June, it was 4.0% while the UK rate was still 4.6%. There’s always the worry that many of the new jobs are temporary or casual in some way. However, research by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, reported in, indicated a ‘steep’ increase in permanent jobs as well as temporary appointments.’

These increases clearly relate to growth in the overall economy. The Scottish economy grew by four times as much as the UK as-a-whole in the last quarter and an earlier survey reported Scottish businesses to be more confident than those in England.

Scottish businesses showing signs of greater health than those in the rest of the UK

Good news for the Scottish economy again! Big rise in permanent jobs and starting salaries climb in Scotland

Well done the BBC website for reporting the news Good morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland are clearly too busy for.


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