Scottish Government supports building of 1 000 new council houses in South Lanarkshire and pushes Borders Council to do more


South Lanarkshire has a target of building 1 000 new council house by 2021 supported by Scottish Government funding. According to Scottish Housing News:

South Lanarkshire’s approach to energy efficiency will continue across all future developments including the fabric of the buildings and the use of high-quality insulation, modern heating systems and boilers, and wherever possible, renewable energy sources.’

Also reported by Scottish Housing News, the Scottish Government is putting pressure on Borders Council to get a move on and to consider building many more to meet the extreme shortages in the area. Holyrood had identified a need for 916 but the council plans only 811.

This is all part of much larger Scottish Government plan for 2017 alone:

Scottish Government plan to approve more than 10 000 affordable new homes this year

Also, see these earlier reports to get the fuller picture:

Big increase in affordable housing supply down to Scottish Government investment

Big increase in affordable housing supply down to Scottish Government investment

The non-reporting of the Scottish Government’s commitment to affordable housing reflects the inability of our political journalists to highlight any good news coming out of Holyrood.


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