Why is BBC Scotland framing almost its entire news and current affairs coverage around the various agendas set by Scotland’s tiny and dwindling Unionist ‘news’ papers?


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This piece is based almost entirely on comments from my regular and big contributor, the allegedly named Ludo Thierry.

Apparently, the Scotsman figures of 21,214 break down as:

Full Rate (ie paid for as marked) – 9,975
Below Full Rate – 5,895
Multiple copy sales – 5,344

The certificate states ‘74.8% paid’ – so the description of ‘Multiple copy sales’ is perhaps somewhat misleading? The breakdown for these Multiple copy ‘sales’ is given as:

Airside and international rail – 3,890
Hotels – 696
Trains – 471
others – 297

So – the alternative story of the daily ‘sale’ for The Scotsman seems to be:

retail, single copy and subscription sales – 15,870
big discount/? giveaways – 5,344

So – far from the stated 4.5% year-on-year ‘rise’ being suggested – an alternative interpretation suggests a 12.1% year-on-year decline.

I suggest each of us select the interpretation of the figures that best fits with our daily experience of Scottish life – I know which one my money’s on!

That suggested 12.1% y-o-y decline fits much more realistically with the remainder of the Scottish titles’ performances (see below):

P+J – circulation (49,475) y-o-y decline = 8.8%

Herald – circulation (27,655) y-o-y decline = 9.0%

Courier – circulation (37,142) y-oy decline = 9.9%

Aberdeen Evening Express – circulation (23,960) y-o-y decline = 12.7%

Glasgow Evening Times – circulation (22,397) y-o-y decline = 12.8%

Dundee Evening Telegraph – circulation (13,977) y-o-y decline = 14.5%

Sunday Herald – circulation (19,859) y-o-y decline = 8.1%

Aberdeen Citizen – circulation (40,439) y-o-y decline = 5.5%

The combined Scottish print press seem to have some kind of death-wish. It’s well reported that the print press across much of the globe is in decline – but the lemming -like propensity of the Scottish variety is passing strange.

To consistently alienate (and denigrate) half of your potential market is stupidity of an epic proportion. The inevitable results can be seen in these latest (24/08/17) 6 monthly ABC figures.

I urge everyone to look at the ‘circulations’ for the various titles – then ask yourselves my opening question.

Ed: A++, fantastic detail and good structure!


2 thoughts on “Why is BBC Scotland framing almost its entire news and current affairs coverage around the various agendas set by Scotland’s tiny and dwindling Unionist ‘news’ papers?

  1. Finnmacollie August 26, 2017 / 6:39 pm

    I’ve asked this question for years. The “newspaper review” in my opinion is merely giving free advertising to the dead tree scrolls. Is this not contrary to the BBC charter?

    The headlines, which invariably turn out to be unchecked press releases from Lab/Con/Lib party are then “discussed” by an editor or journalist from the self same papers and by some strange alchemy end up as headlines on the very same BBC. The Lab/Con/Lib parties then quote their own press release, this time citing the BBC as the source – so it must be true.

    Critics say that the MSM could well get employment with Scottish Water, so expert have they become in recycling shite.

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