80 000 panel solar farm to be built in Scotland

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Generating 20MW (5 000 homes), the farm will cover 47 hectares (40 football pitches) on the Errol Estate in Perthshire. The land will still be used for grazing and hedge rows will be unaffected to preserve the wildlife diversity in the area.

I have previously expressed surprise that solar was a ‘goer’ in rainy, cloudy Scotland but it seems North-East Scotland has relatively clear skies and long days making it more viable than parts of the UK further south.

There are also plans for an even bigger 50MW field near Elgin. See this explanation:

‘Installing solar power in Scotland is beneficial even though it doesn’t receive as much solar irradiation as somewhere like Africa, India or Southern Europe. Looking at the solar irradiation map, we can see that the solar irradiance in the UK and Scotland is not too dissimilar to Germany – the largest photovoltaic (PV) market in the world, which had 24.7 GW of PV installed at the end of 2011 (European Photovoltaic Industry Association: EPIA Market Report 2011).’


Install solar energy in Scotland? After the month we’ve just had?



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