Time to show the real world to Ross Greer? Stuart Campbell did far more for the Yes campaign than he ever could.


Does Ross Greer of the Green Party really think the Rev Campbell of Wings whom he fears naming, is killing the independence movement by his attacks on Cat Boyd for voting Labour? Really?

I’d say his Wings over Scotland website, his Wee Blue Book and his Wee Black Book will have garnered far, far, far more support for the Yes campaign than the lack of solidarity shown by people like him, like Common Space, like the National and like the Sunday Herald in their pretentious, ‘professionally journalistic [no such fuckin thing]’ pronouncements on the supposed ‘totalitarian’ tendencies in the SNP (Kevin McKenna). I’ve begun to see these two newspapers as Trojan horses in their promotion of soft [not shock] troops like McKenna, Fry and McWhitter? How better to kill a movement by having its own too posh-to-push members attack it from within?

If anybody is going to lose it again, it will be those oh-so sophisticated ‘democrats’ who should be concentrating their fire on the opponents of independence and not the only group who can lead us there – the SNP. I once attacked Nicola’s increasingly presidential style but I regret it now.

I think Cat Boyd voting for Kezia Dugdale’s Scottish Labour was bloody stupid to say the least. Discipline is all now. You can vote Labour again after we get independence. I don’t mind saying my vote will be going further left than the supposedly radical Boyd’s choice.

Here’s the link to the Greer piece in the Unionist Herrod – says it all.

‘Time to show the door to the lunatic fringe killing the independence movement with its bile’


30 thoughts on “Time to show the real world to Ross Greer? Stuart Campbell did far more for the Yes campaign than he ever could.

    • The Soupdragon August 6, 2017 / 11:26 pm

      To be fair to RG, in the article he refers only to “a/the fringe”, as far as I can see. The adjective only appears in the headline, which will have been written by a sub-editor. He’s still utterly wrong, though, as well as over-full of himself.


    • twathater August 7, 2017 / 4:08 pm

      John I agree with every word you said , I would only REQUEST that you take it easy , remember your health , you are FAR MORE important to the cause with your exposure of the unionist shit and your uplifting positive truthful articles , the likes of greer and his divisive disciples have been exposed for the self serving charlatans that they are , as you say independence is the bullseye target rebuilding Scotland comes after GOOD HEALTH

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      • johnrobertson834 August 8, 2017 / 3:22 pm

        It keeps me distracted which is good but thanks for your sympathies


  1. Bruce Hosie August 6, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Totally agree, too many within the posh left yes are way too full of their own importance. All that matters is a yes vote and the rest we worry about after we have it. I am beginning to believe rather than suspect that some of those people were never yes in the first place.

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    • benmadigan August 6, 2017 / 11:31 pm

      they probably saw the Independence movement as a chance to implement leftish social policies that were impossible to achieve under Westminster governments.

      Once Mr Corbyn emerged as a socialist labour leader (100%Unionist) with a chance of winning a GE, they reverted to their true allegiance


  2. William black August 6, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Too much education can be a dangerous thing

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  3. Chid August 6, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    I really think that this “posh left” are the ones who are looking more and more like the “lunatic fringe”. I’m with you. After independence my vote, too will be further left than Labour.

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  4. stringlug August 6, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Just as you think it’s dying down another one pops up to poke the wound and keep it festering.
    “once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action”


  5. hettyforindy August 7, 2017 / 8:54 am

    Yep, to be on a, slagging other independence supporters crusade, at this stage, or at any time, certainly damages the cause. So, why do they give the unionists even more ammunition than they need, when they, the britnats, are still in a heady spin at their paltry seats gained at the GE.

    What a backward step, and self serving, if not suspect stance to take. Have we seen the britnats front page headlines attacking each other? No.

    R.Greer is in my view, attacking the completely wrong side! Why is he not on a crusade to take the tories to task for their lack of green policies, for their austerity on the poor! For brexit, for shafting Scotland, the list is endless, yet he chooses to take his negative attack on Rev Stu to a unionist rag for all to see.

    The tories have no time for the Greens or green policies, Greer will not last five minutes if Labour somehow, and it’s not impossible, rise to power.
    The red tories will be loving his and others atracks on independence blogs, the likes of which, ie WoS, is a site with integrity, inteliigence and is trying to counter the daily lies that are piped into living rooms, and slapped in your face via daily rags, and as soon as you go into a shop. No thanks.

    Green is giving a slap in the face to independence, it’s counter productive. What is his agenda.

    I will never vote Labour again. They fckd over Scotland, kept Scotland and Scotland’s people poor, they let M.Thatcher into power. When they were at the helm at Holyrood, they thrived on PFI, their councils were/are corrupt, and, er, they sent back, £1.3 BILLION to WM, London, because they ‘couldn’t find anything to spend it on’, in Scotland. At that time I was shocked! We were told that school had ‘no money’ to give adequate support to my sons with special needs. Both suffered hugely as a result. One of them is not doing well as a result, even now, it has a knock on effect.

    Labour, and their office branch in Scotland, are the s**t on my shoes as far as I am concerned.

    I will always vote for a party that actually works in the interests of the people, and that for sure is not the Labour party! (nor any other yoon party, and not even the so called, Greens). No thanks.

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  6. Dan Huil August 7, 2017 / 9:28 am

    WOS and other pro-indy sites like this one are extremely important. Keep supporting them. Meanwhile boycott the britnat media and boycott the trolls.


  7. Clydebuilt August 7, 2017 / 11:53 am

    Best thing I’ve read in a long time . . . . . Well said John!

    Boydie, Haggardty and Joe 90 are the loose pickings around the edge being willingly manipulated by “The Forces of the Union” there’ll be more!

    Noticed another rep. From Commonspace was on BBC radio Scotland’s Saturday Am chatt show. . . . And they weren’t slow in letting listeners know she was from Commonspace . . . Cover blown.


  8. Contrary August 7, 2017 / 10:50 pm

    I have to wonder at the Scottish Greens, I am so very disappointed in the holier-than-thou, superior, nonsensical outpourings from them lately. Now, it’s fair enough to have strong views on environmental issues and equality issues but being in the parliament is about governing, and Patrick Harvie and his team seem to think it is important to allow sectarian hatred shouted at the football, and on our streets, because Freedom of Speech is the most important issue going (they support the repeal of that relevant Act, that 80% of the population think is good, or at least necessary; that is, the Greens will go against public opinion because Freedom of Speech is so important to them,,,). Or not,,


    As the case may be. I HATE hypocrisy. Hate hate hate. (Oops, apologies for negativity).

    So, it’s only allowable freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t offend Mr Harvie personally? Beggars belief. I really expected them to support the offensive behaviour Act, but no, their warped principles decided that hate speech was a form of freedom of speech and so the act should be repealed, but now they are OFFENDED because someone, who they claim to be of no consequence but, at the same time, representing the Yes ‘movement’, used the word ‘homosexual’ in a tweet? It. Makes. No. Sense. There is literally tons, zillions, masses, galaxies-full of very offensive and repeatedly phobic comments out there on social media to pick from, why pick one that isn’t phobic at all (except perhaps to terrible orators)?

    I haven’t read Ross Greer’s article because I don’t click on live newspaper links – I can barely get past the headline anyway usually, so no point in giving them an extra click – but on the basis of what I’ve read and the headline, what can you say? – ‘Eh’? Is his head up his backside? A party that advocates equality in all things, has decided to dictate the colour of Yes? Wow. H Y P O C R I S Y . I use the term ‘colour’ in the artistic sense. After all, RevStu’s language can be colourful, sparkly even. And I should go crawl under a stone now, because I’m sure I won’t pass muster.

    Aye, the brain is certainly an amazing thing, being able to contain two diametrically opposing beliefs and still not feel any conflict!

    Interesting to note, Patrick Harvie is on the Finance Committee, and was there interviewing Richard Murphy and two others (his questions were not of particular note; disappointing even, in their blandness) when they told the committee what a guddle the devolved tax powers were and that the Scottish government had been set up to fail. I have read since then that Patrick has said, a couple of times, that ‘the SNPs new tax powers’ means they can do blah blah – I haven’t saved any of these quotes I don’t think, just thought it was a curious thing to do when he knows fine well the tax powers are useless – but now? Some sort of nasty vindictive party political agenda? Some bribes going on? Just not a reasoning brain cell in his body? Guess I just didn’t quite expect them (Greens) to be so unpleasant. Can I still quite like Andy Wightman? Or am I set up for disappointment there too?

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    • Contrary August 8, 2017 / 7:44 pm

      Ah yes, a safe haven, it is indeed, nice straight lines, a logical progression of articles, no complex titchy writing with things to click on, and ALWAYS good news 🙂 (well, almost always, I believe there was a somewhat negatively worded headline a few days back, tsk). Anyway, there’s lots of wriggly creepy crawlies under stones, I wouldn’t last long.

      I was reflecting earlier, after getting my update on what my MP is up to, that Patrick Harvie would have been a terrible MP for Glasgow North – I just can’t envisage it really. I was a bit irritated that he was standing in my constituency even though I knew he was doing it because it was a ‘safe’ seat – Patrick Grady got in again thank goodness, he’d barely had any time to settle into the job before that last GE. So since then he’s been fighting for the job centres, and continues to do so even with the closures, and pensions stuff etc etc, and when you see his Twitter, he’s busy litter picking in summerston, supporting scout halls, holding surgeries, putting up wee videos of himself, going places, doing things,,, just can’t see Patrick Harvie picking up litter, or joining in events in possilpark. But, I suppose, litter picking skills aren’t really what we look for in a politician. [I really am rambling now!]


  9. Hugh Wallace August 8, 2017 / 9:55 pm


    I haven’t commented in a while but I visit your blog most days & it is the third one I visit after Wings & The Dug so I’ve been really impressed by all the good news you share on a daily basis. Mind you, I do wish you’d tone it down a bit as some readers might think we don’t need independence as we are already doing so well! 😉

    But this article needed to be written & I wanted to voice my support for your comments.

    I hope things are going well for you.

    All the best. Keep up the great work!



  10. Contrary August 9, 2017 / 8:22 am

    Hi Hugh, you are with us in spirit which is the main thing!

    I want to answer on the conundrum of if Scotland looks like it is doing well, people might think we don’t need independence after all – I have decided (and so it surely must be the last word 🙂 ) that our collective self-esteem, and confidence in the Scottish government, is more important than the possible view that we are doing so well the system must be working fine as it is. It is a serious consideration, though. My evidence for making this decision is the tactics used by unionist media & politicians – their wholehearted nit picking bombardment of anything bad to do with the country, our performance in public services, businesses, and Scottish government is aimed at telling us we are ‘useless’ (all the ‘too wee too poor’ etc rhetoric makes it plain that it is obvious and incessant) – this hasn’t really changed in centuries, just the form of delivery is changed.

    So, say we have kept our heads down for centuries, in the hope they’ll forget we are here & just accidentally let us go, we just take the insults and derogadation (gosh, is that really a word!?) and make the country look like an unattractive prospect? Well, it hasn’t worked, they love us being being second class citizens and revel in their own superiority. And the oil problem means that it doesn’t matter how bad the rest of our industry is doing, they will not willingly let go, clinging on with fingernails digging in.

    I see the solution as building the collective self-esteem of the people, show ourselves how capable we are in business and industry, show ourselves that we can have a government that runs things competently and all the other things. Ludo keeps us up-to-date on the BBC news (nicely filtered!) and has clearly shown that their response to good news in Scotland can only be countered (in their minds) with a ‘despite the SNP ,,,’ caveat – pretty weak getting argument that (though I’m sure plenty of folks still suck it up). Unionist may change tactics when they realise they can’t use the economic lies any more (look how well the union works!), but that is fine, any argument based on the positive, where all people believe in their own worth, is a productive argument. (And theirs is doomed 🙂 )

    It is the people, us, to demand we want self-determination – and this is an era where international law allows us to demand it – so the more people that feel confident in themselves and their peers, the more people will make the only logical decision and start demanding 🙂

    (I know this is nothing new, I’m writing down thoughts to see if they actually make sense! In my own laborious way…)

    I think young people these days have a lot more confidence in themselves (I do think this is a good thing, despite often bemoaning ‘the arrogance of youth’ – but I am a product of the old ways, never good enough, can’t have anyone else thinking they are good enough ,,, I fight it though!) – and what is the biggest demographic that thinks independence is good? Maybe a correlation, maybe not, but let’s be kind to ourselves for a while, and start believing we are good enough.


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