And another one! The Scottish economy is clearly growing



I’ve already reported the numerous signs of growth which we must at least in part credit the Scottish Government for. If it was shrinking we’d soon see them blamed. As you know, we have falling unemployment compared to rUK, increased employment, economic growth rate four times that of rUK, amongst the lowest youth and female unemployment in Europe, business confidence growing, massive oil finds and recently:

‘Staggering’ 175% increase in Edinburgh office take-up is further evidence of booming Scottish economy

Now we see that the demand for increased office space across the whole country. So, it’s not just Edinburgh and Aberdeen and thus wider evidence of good health in the Scottish economy as a whole. Businesses need more office space for more staff. See this from the Scottish Business Review Network:

‘Property consultancy CBRE’s H1 2017 Office Market View report has shown an improvement in demand for office space across Scotland in the first half of the year, with the strongest six months of take-up ever recorded by CBRE in Edinburgh.’


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