Scotland’s oil and gas extraction expertise continues to earn millions


On June 16th, I wrote:

‘It’s not just the oil and gas exports that make the money now. After decades of experience gained in the North Sea and in west of Shetland’s deeper stormier waters, Scotland now earns just over half of its income from international business supplying equipment and expertise across the globe….The survey producing the £11.4 billion figure was carried out by Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce for Scottish Enterprise and had responses from 295 companies employing 63 000 staff.’

This came from a Scottish Enterprise survey reported in the Scottish Business New Network:

Scotland’s oil and gas expertise earned £11.4 billion in 2015/2016 supported by Scottish Government investment

Now SengS from the North-East of Scotland have secured a contract to design and supply test equipment for operators in the North Sea. More, they have also won the contract to design a subsea project for Tunisia with the manufacturing being done in Ellon near Aberdeen.

Though no specific mention is made in this report, much of the new design and development work has been assisted by the Scottish Government’s Energy Jobs Taskforce, which has delivered:

 ‘a significant amount of support to companies around key areas such as innovation, diversification, leadership and internationalisation. An example of this was a series of new market guides published late last year to help companies understand more about potential new markets. Helping companies to grow their international activity saw 59 companies join us in May on the Scotland pavilion at OTC in Houston, one of the world’s largest oil and gas shows. Events like these make a huge difference to companies looking to grow their international presence, helping them showcase their world-renowned skills and experience and build important new contacts.’

 The SengS contract could well be another beneficiary of the above.


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