Kezia to Nicola: ’94.7%? That’s disgraceful, 0.3% below target. Resign!’


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That was back in 2016 when the 94.7% of Scottish A&E patients were seen then admitted or discharged in four hours or less. Around the same time, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine said:

‘Scotland has the best and still improving A&E performance in the World.’

That clearly wasn’t good enough.

However, for week ending 16thJuly, 2017, 95.3% of patients were seen, admitted or discharged within the four hours. Surely Kezia, Ruth, Willie and the Unionist media will be all over this good news, praising NHS Scotland and the government of the day for this fine achievement. No?

The English figures for June or July are not out yet but in May the figure was 89.7% of patients seen within 4 hours. This is below the same 95% target and lower than 90.3% for the same month last year.

So, that’s not just well below the Scottish figure but the gap is widening. Come on Theresa, get on with your day job. Tell, her Ruth. Go, on.


6 thoughts on “Kezia to Nicola: ’94.7%? That’s disgraceful, 0.3% below target. Resign!’

  1. Brian McGowan July 26, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    Hello Prof John (retired), good on you for continuing the good work of talking up Scotland. As a father and grandfather I consider it my duty to email the link to your site to them on a regular basis (just in case they forget to look).

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  2. Brian McGowan July 26, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    ps you need to get a link to your site placed with other popular blogs.


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