Holyrood to automatically get significant increase in the powers and responsibilities as UK leaves EU


This is kind of contrary to the reports I’ve been seeing elsewhere suggesting Brexit could lead to a power grab by Westminster and at the very least a diminution of devolution.

According to the House of Lords EU committee:

‘The Scottish Parliament will automatically receive powers “by default” over fishing and farming once the UK leaves the European Union.’

Here are the key extracts from the report as covered by STV:

‘The committee believes only a change of law setting out what powers are reserved back to Westminster before the UK officially ceases to be in the EU could stop the transfer of responsibilities to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast….We doubt that either the UK Government or parliament has the capacity to undertake such a task at the same time as achieving a successful Brexit…..But the basic fact remains that Brexit will result in more powers for the Scottish Parliament, as has been made clear by the Secretary of State for Scotland when the EU Withdrawal Bill was published.’



12 thoughts on “Holyrood to automatically get significant increase in the powers and responsibilities as UK leaves EU

  1. William Henderson July 19, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    Aye, Right!

    I wonder what Henry VIII will have to say about it?

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  2. Patrick July 19, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Its a smoke screen, like everything else that comes out of Mendel’s ass.


  3. Contrary July 20, 2017 / 8:02 am

    I’m an -aye, richt! – too. Hollow words, that’s all I could think of when I was listening to some Lord or other yesterday. I’m not sure it’s possible to put a positive spin on any ‘promises’ from Westminster – is there anything to be done to hold them to it? Will the lords of the glorious feudal system actually have any sway over the uk parliament even if they wish this? They have being toeing the line admirably so far on Brexit. We really do have the most atrocious uk government, possibly ever, the incompetance reaching extreme heights. But we should get a progress report later today on Brexit negotiations – rub of hands – let’s see if they’ve actually made progress. Europeans must be shaking their heads in bemusement. And I still think David Davis should be in jail, for something, don’t know what, but I guess the judicial system needs a bit more to go on than just a vague uneasy feeling.

    Did you see the plan to raise the state pension age – I think I just miss that extension – but really, what with the WASPI problems, I just don’t WANT to pay taxes to Westminster and the U.K. coffers, I want my taxes to go to Scottish coffers, I want the Scottish government to distribute my taxes. Hmmm,,, let’s think,,, how could that happen,,,?

    Anyway, roll on with the good news in Scotland, bring on the lucrative space industry! And tourism, and renewables, and construction. Against the odds (brought about neglect and hostility from Westminster), Scotland really is building a good solid industry outside of oil, and just makes you think what we can do in an independent Scotland – a successful, happy, country. Too long we have been in self-indulgent misery, allowed to blame others for our woes, reliant on others to govern us, breaking the habit of moaning is hard – that’s my take on why your readership is down John from pre-talking up Scotland, but what you have done now is started a revolution, see the good part in any news, show we can do it, stop reacting to others’ agenda, being pro-active and creating our own agenda, people are catching on! These things take time though.


  4. Contrary July 20, 2017 / 8:45 am

    Nah, well, maybe a bit! It is always good to be sceptical of any source – critical reading is a good skill – and when a report is about something that has already been done & it has happened that is easily verified & you can feel positive about the good bits without issue, and if it is statistics, you can do your own interpretation without issue. But! When it comes to an opinion of politicians on something that might happen,,, meh. One of the issues with the media is that they use sound bites from politicians that are just making up any old rubbish as they go along, and then treating it as fact and news. The SNP have actually been trying to change this, and try and only say what they mean, or what will be done – I have more trust in the SNP as a source (do we have any choice if we want to know what our government is actually doing?) – but there will always be some spin.

    I think some healthy scepticism is needed unless there has been some kind of action. I mean, if you lend your hedge trimmers to a neighbour and they tell you they will give it back every week, but don’t do it, how many weeks do you wait until you don’t believe them??

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  5. Clydebuilt July 21, 2017 / 8:17 am

    “Brexit will result in more powers God tge Scottish Parliament as has been made clear by the Secretary of State for Scotland” . . . . That’ll be Mundell . . . The House of Lords is 100% Unionist


    • Clydebuilt July 21, 2017 / 8:18 am

      “More powers for the Scottish Parliament ” . . .


  6. Contrary July 21, 2017 / 3:01 pm

    Aww, I thought we had another cult starting up there .. the ‘god Tge’ ,,, 🙂

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