Scotland leads the way more than even I thought

Scotland leads the way

By chance, I was searching for the piece I thought I’d seen about Scotland being first to provide free sanitary products to women and girls on low income and using the phrase ‘Scotland leads the way’. This is the actual report from the Scotsman:

Scotland leads the world in tackling ‘period poverty’ – The Scotsman

Typical man, when I saw it, I hadn’t initially grasped what it was actually about. I thought it might be like temporary poverty. Or, even some kind of bourgeois self-pity when you can’t afford antique furniture? Don’t laugh. Oh, go on then.

So, when I searched for just ‘Scotland leads the way’, I didn’t get the above but, to my amazement, lots of other stories with the same phrase. Look at the first few:

Scotland leads the way with flexible adult education opportunities …


Scotland leads the way | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Scotland Leads the Way – GO-WHERE

Scotland leads the way in postural care | Changing Our Lives

Why Scotland Leads The Way on Renewable Energy

PROCUREMENT NEWS 4 Reasons Why Scotland is Leading the Way on …

Scotland leads the way on public service reform

Scotland leads the way with PrEP – Trends in Urology & Men’s Health

Who knew?


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