With Scottish Government aid, Glasgow is being remade.


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£280 million has been spent regenerating the city in the last five years with much of that money coming from the Scottish Government.

I’ve already reported:

There were 7 336 affordable homes completions, with Scottish Government funding, to end March 2017, 13% up on the previous year. There were 9 308 or an increase of 21% affordable houses started, with as you can see some still to be completed.


More than £1.75 billion is being allocated over the next three years to councils to enable the building of a further 50 000 affordable homes by 2021. This will be the highest level of such activity since the 1980s.


This will also continue to be twice the level of such building per capita of that in England.

Just what proportion of the £280 million came in the form of Scottish Government grants is not made clear but if, as indicated above, £1.75 billion has been allocated over only three years, I think we can be sure a considerable part comes from that source.

Most of the £280 million has been spent on transforming derelict land and building affordable housing on it, in line with Scottish Government priorities.

This from Housing and Local Government Minister Kevin Stewart:

‘I’m delighted that the Transforming Communities: Glasgow partnership has, so far, developed 1154 new homes and refurbished 138 homes for use in eight areas across Glasgow, including the biggest urban regeneration project outside London in Sighthill.  Transforming Communities: Glasgow is about more than just constructing new and refurbished housing developments, many of them award-winning, it has also made a positive impact on these local communities through creating apprenticeships, training opportunities and Local Delivery Groups.  We are committed to working with our partners to deliver high quality housing for people and families across Scotland and will support local authorities and the industry to deliver their housing priorities.’



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