‘Whisky-fuelled car makes first journey’ Calm down it’s not the good stuff!


It’s the waste products from the drinks industry that can be used as a biofuel. No costly modifications are need. Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables drove an ordinary hire car round Edinburgh using the biofuel.

Biofuels have been around for a very long time but the petroleum companies backed by the US government put a stop to early developmental work to protect the companies. Things have changed with shortages of oil beginning to emerge and the massive growth of the Indian and Chinese middles classes demanding the right to a car. I know that some of that demand will be met by electric cars but by no means all of it can be done that way feasibly.

The biofuel is produced from ‘draff’, the residue of husks after fermentation of the grain and the residual waste liquid ‘pot ale’. The Scottish malt whisky industry produces 750 000 tonnes of the draff and 2 billion litres of the pot ale every year.

Wind, tides, oil, gas and now this. Is there no limit to our energy sources? A growing economy too. Mind you, still too wee, too poor for independence?


One thought on “‘Whisky-fuelled car makes first journey’ Calm down it’s not the good stuff!

  1. Dr Jim July 11, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    Damn Scotland and our ingenuity, who do we think we are, no wonder the whole world is sick of us uppity Jocks
    Ooops! Not the whole world just the part that doesn’t want to let us go

    One doesn’t wonder why


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