Scotland to end public sector pay cap as Westminster refuses same


According to the Independent yesterday, the Scottish Government will end the 1% pay cap next year while Westminster will carry on punishing low wage-earners for the errors of economic elites.

Here’s what Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said:

‘We will take a reasonable approach that absolutely recognises that the time is up for the one per cent pay cap. Not only will the SNP commit to that, but we will do it.’

Meanwhile in London, the unholy alliance between the Tories and the DUP voted down a Labour proposal to do the same. The DUP probably think it’s a holy alliance I suppose.


3 thoughts on “Scotland to end public sector pay cap as Westminster refuses same

  1. Contrary July 5, 2017 / 8:47 am

    So, as radio Scotland singe-handedly try and cause a recession in Scotland, it appears statistics support Prof. John’s economic outlook, that there is growth, and it is better than the rest of the U.K.,,,

    Hope that link works, it looks a bit weird – I accessed it through Nicola Sturgeon’s Twitter so might make it look strange. Bah, technology.


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