‘FTSE bounces back amid rising oil price’


(c) http://everyinvestor.co.uk

I won’t attempt to put this from EnergyVoice into my own words. I couldn’t:

‘London’s blue-chip index bounced back on Monday as investors piled into commodity stocks in response to the rising oil price. The FTSE 100 Index climbed 64.37 points to to 7,377.09, driven by a strong performance from the mining giants, with Glencore soaring 5%, or 14.4p, to 301.6p. Oil major BP was also in the ascendency, up 8.5p to 451.3p, as Brent crude rose 1.4% to 49.44 US dollars a barrel.’

What I can do is say this is just more evidence of the security of Scotland’s oil industry in the medium to long term after one bad year in forty. Forty? There’s a joke there somewhere.

I’ve lost track of how many good news stories I’ve reported on the same thing. If you search my blog for ‘oil’ you’ll find them all. The overwhelming weight of evidence is that Scotland’s oil has decades to run. See for example:

Scotland’s Treasury to benefit from ‘Oil Price Shock In 2020’

Why Scotland’s oil is going to be worth a fortune in the years to come



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