Though we already have the highest rate of donors in the UK, Scottish government to introduce soft opt-out system for organ donation. Does this tell us something more?


A ‘soft opt-out scheme’ would mean that consent for organ donation was presumed. This would lead to an increase in life-saving organ transplants reducing the waiting lists. It’s expected that this might increase pressure on London and Northern Ireland to follow suit. It’s thought there is widespread support with a BMA survey showing 65% support though only 39% had got round to signing-up to the register.

That we already have the highest voluntary donor rate made me think. Our media and political elites are always keen to tell us we’re not so different from our neighbours in England and I do recognise we’re not radically different in that there are selfish individualists here and caring communitarians there but that doesn’t mean the countries are not still different enough in overall tendencies to be seen as worthy of autonomy from each other. I’m thinking of little things that all add up to make us less like England than we’re told. Look at this:

  1. Free bus pass for the over 60s
  2. Free care for the elderly
  3. Superior NHS
  4. Free HE tuition
  5. More GPs per head of population
  6. Compensation for the bedroom tax
  7. Stronger fire and flood safety regulations
  8. Less child poverty
  9. Lower stillbirths and early deaths
  10. Better police/Muslim community relations
  11. No junior doctor strikes
  12. Tories who support the winter heating allowance!

Don’t these add up to evidence of the dominance of a more caring communitarian set of values even in our Tories? If you need the evidence for the above, search my site. It’s all there.


4 thoughts on “Though we already have the highest rate of donors in the UK, Scottish government to introduce soft opt-out system for organ donation. Does this tell us something more?

  1. James Logan July 2, 2017 / 10:50 am

    I for one think that presumed organ donation is morally and ethically wrong! There’s to many of my friends and acquaintances whom cannot read or write and have no interest in politics whatever! They’re open to abuse and it will be some pressure to try and take on board the information at time of death of a loved one! This is not forsaken the fact that new evidence of brain activities after death has been established! It’s murder of sorts!


  2. Contrary July 2, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Well, I would be sceptical of organ donation if we had privatised healthcare,,,

    An opt-out system is fine. It means people have to think about it, before it comes to the critical juncture of having to request grieving families for permission – which will still happen. The dvla effectively have the opt-out system when you are getting a new licence, just a box-tick, but it makes you consider it – and more likely to opt in. I didn’t read the consultation on this bill, but I am sure there will be provision for those unable to make the decision for themselves. Apparently over 800 respondents to the consultation! Lots of active, open, participation: none of that sneaking through bills while no one is looking ,,, “oh! Look at the US presidential election! Over there! Yes, look over there!”… “What snoopers charter? Ohhh, that one that is already law? Well, it was publicly debated… ” e.g.

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