The Scottish Government’s new Social Security Bill further highlights the contrast between its vision and that of the heartless Tories


You’ve, no doubt, read plenty on the dementia tax, the bedroom tax and the rape clause which so neatly sum up the kind of people the Tories are and the extent to which their values contrast with those of the SNP. I’ve already written about this at some length. See, for example:

The SNP Government shows its good heart as the Tories squirm in heartless poverty creation

Scotland becomes the only part of the UK with statutory targets to reduce the number of children experiencing the damaging effects of poverty by 2030 despite already having the lowest rate of child poverty in the UK.

Yesterday, however, the Scottish Government further reinforced its presence on the higher moral ground with the announcement of a new social security bill which will, to quote them, ‘have dignity and respect at its heart.’ That’s respect for the poor, the disabled and the weak mind you not respect for the Queen.

Many of the details have still to come but the bill:

gives ministers in Scotland the power to manage a number of benefits devolved from Westminster, as well as the ability to create and develop new benefits to help support people in Scotland.’ One of the first moves will be to increase Carer’s Allowance next year, followed by the Best Start Grant and the Funeral Expense Assistance from summer 2019.’ It also places a duty on the Scottish Ministers to give assistance to persons who are entitled to it and provides a brief description of each type of assistance that Scottish Ministers will give.’

Anti-poverty campaigners have welcomed the bill which they anticipate will make Scotland a fairer and more just society. Step-by-step, this government is making independence an inevitability as Scotland just becomes incompatible with the UK.


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