Fire resistance requirements in Scotland ‘more onerous that those in England and Wales or Northern Ireland.’



I heard that a similar view had been expressed in a TV news report last night but could not trace it. Today, I found Jim Millar, a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and former housing convener at Angus Council quoted as saying without specific evidence:

 ‘I’m quite confident that something like this would not happen to this extent in Scotland.’

If I lived in a Scottish tower block, I’d want more than that and I did eventually find something more authoritative. See this extract from the regulations:

Generally, the requirements in Scotland are more onerous that those in England and Wales or Northern Ireland….In Scotland the AS Fire Resistant Wall system should be used for all walls which require a fire resistance period. See Scottish Building Standards Technical Handbook Section 2 for details of boundary conditions and fire resistance requirements.’

I hope this puts some minds at ease. Add this information to these below and you wonder at anyone, in the know, voting against the SNP:

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