Kind of good news: Labour voters went home rather than vote Tory



Yesterday’s Ashcroft Poll on SNP ‘defectors’ gave this:


To Labour                    60%

To Tories                     30%

To LibDems                 10%


So, those 60%, I think, were inspired by Corbyn’s progressive policies and thought the number one priority in this election was to beat the Tories. I don’t think they’re lost to the independence movement nor to the SNP as a government in Scotland, Holyrood or local authorities. I know they weakened the SNP vote and let the Tories in but that wasn’t their aim. With the best of intentions, they dearly wanted to do Theresa and they had begun to believe Jeremy might just do it. As for Kezia, she must know what she owes to Corbyn – her resignation.

For the others, hell mend them, as they look upon the disasters that will accrue from a weakened government negotiating Brexit having to give in to the EU on issues such as access to our fishing waters and having to work with the Dread Unionist Party. It’s time Ruth Davidson smelled the coffee and broke away from the UK Tory Party before the DUP guys get properly going. Here are some of their ‘ideas’, all a bit difficult for Ruth and Theresa:

Brexit and the Irish border

The DUP campaigned for Brexit but its manifesto argued for maintaining a “seamless and frictionless” border with Ireland. Objectives for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations included maintaining the Common Travel Area with the Republic and ease of trade throughout the EU.

Welfare spending

The manifesto retained the pensions “triple lock” and universal winter fuel allowance, both policies the Tories pledged to drop.

Opposition to same-sex marriage

While the party has changed radically since its beginnings, it has always maintained an opposition to socially liberal reforms which have taken place on the UK mainland.

Northern Ireland is the only remaining part of the UK where same-sex marriage is not legal after the DUP used a controversial veto mechanism to block any change to legislation. Senior figures in the party have called the issue a “red line” for power-sharing talks at Stormont.


The DUP has fought hard to halt an extension of abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Campaigners say their actions have forced thousands of women to travel elsewhere for terminations, or to rely on abortion pills bought online.

Climate denial

While climate change scepticism is not official party “policy”, the DUP has previously appointed a denier as environment minister in Northern Ireland, and it counts a number of creationists among its senior members.


7 thoughts on “Kind of good news: Labour voters went home rather than vote Tory

  1. Anne Bruce June 11, 2017 / 11:48 pm

    I’m finding it really difficult to accept that people willingly chose vote for the Tory party which gave us the bedroom tax, rape clause, removing motability cars from the disabled – let alone the deaths that have resulted from benefit sanctions – over a party that mitigates much of the Tories’ repulsive policies and provides free tuition, prescriptions, etc.

    It does not make a blind bit of sense to me.

    Well, Ruth went after the OO vote big time didn’t she? She had no idea what she was doing. Now the Christian fundamentalist homophobes are her new best friends. I bet she never foresaw the DUP calling the shots. She cares nothing for Scotland just her party and her union.

    She ran away when questioned about her new pals and apparently refused to appear on a politics programme in which the group was discussed. Hell slap it into her.

    I hope this is a short-lived situation but every time I think politics can’t get any crazier they do.

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  2. Sam June 13, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Labour For Independence campaigned for the YES vote to vote Labour.

    Labour For Independence have weakened the SNP by giving momentum to Unionist parties.


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