2 thoughts on “No need to talk this lot up!

  1. Contrary June 8, 2017 / 6:59 am

    Hi Professor, sorry I dunno anything about the video or who they are! Maybe you could have talked it up a wee bit for me??

    Can I change the subject? It being an Election Day and everything (though it feels like just part of our normal routine here in Scotland these days, and it is always interesting to note that English people in England are fully unaware of how much voting us scots have had to do these past few years – a lack of interest in Scotland, or the isolationist nature of the national media??). I am horrified by the current very right wing Tory ideology and the degree to which the populace appears to accept, and some even welcome, the restrictions on freedom and destruction of the welfare state. Grousebeater has written this piece on fascism and how closely Theresa May behaviour resembles many fascist dictators:


    Me comment on his piece, I believe, is almost concise? Here it is:

    Ah, it has long been a fear of mine that, with the lack of definitive constitution, there is nothing to stop the UK becoming a fascist dictatorship – as long as the electorate vote for it. I never thought I would really see it start to happen, and it is horrific to watch. The excuses people make to themselves to make this choice seem rational are very far from that. It is done little by little, eroding each piece of morality and culture a little bit at a time so they don’t think it is happening. I really really hope the Tories are fully and definitively trounced in the GE, I know it’s a vain hope but still.

    I joined my first ever rally/march last Saturday – remarkable when I was a student in the height of the Thatcher era, but I am not one for crowds, or maybe strong beliefs – it was the one for Scottish independence: thought I’d add my body to the numbers so sick am I at hearing how there is no ‘appetite for a referendum’. Lots of other individuals in normal casual togs along too – it is definitely not just fanatical activists that feel strongly. Roll on independence, right enough. Whatever happens at this GE, there is no other sensible option for Scotland now. Thatcher started the erosion of all cultural and national (industry) ties between Scotland and England, however thin a veneer it was, and each successive government has carried it on. I have yet to hear what a positive aspect of the Union might be: they are all gone, no sensible answer can be given. Fiscal autonomy and full independence is now imperative – and a proper constitution for Scotland that prevents fascism, and prevents politicians ever selling us out again.

    [I am, perhaps, not quite at the stage of being able to express myself in a tweet-length comment, but maybe one day…]

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