Scotland leads the way with living wage


More employers per head of population pay the living wage in Scotland than in any other UK region. Only London comes close. Here are the figures from The Living Wage foundation dated 22nd May:

Employers by region

East of England: 131
East Midlands: 94
London: 951
North East England: 53
Northern Ireland: 10
North West England: 237
South East England: 243
South West England: 156
Scotland: 646
Wales: 79
West Midlands: 115
Yorkshire and the Humber: 147

The figures seem out-of-date as the Scottish Government website has just announced that Gorgie City Farm has become the 800th in Scotland and that their target for Autumn 2017 is 1 000. However, if we accept the first set of figures, then the per capita figure for Scotland’s 5 million population is 1 for every 8 204 people while the figure for London’s 8.6 million population is 1 for every 9 043 people. This is impressive when you consider London’s enormous economy and shortages of workers. When you take any of the other regions , Scotland’s performance is more than impressive. The relatively prosperous East Midlands, for example has a population of 4.5 million yet only 94 Living Wage employers giving a figure of 1 per 47 872 people! Most of the others are little better.

Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work Keith Brown said:

‘This is a significant step in our drive to promote fairer working environments for Scottish employees and ensures people’s basic wage continues to meet the real cost of living. Paying the Real Living Wage makes sense for businesses. It’s an investment in people and all the evidence shows it leads to increased productivity and reduced staff absence, while sending a strong signal to customers about fairness.’


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