Why Ruth Davidson should be campaigning to keep the Winter Fuel Allowance for many of England’s old folk too


Here’s the headline:

‘Scottish pensioners should continue to get winter fuel payments because the country is colder, the Scottish Conservative Party leader has said.’


I get the winter fuel allowance. I probably don’t need it but I believe in universal benefits for reasons you’ll find in the eloquent rationale produced by the Jimmy Reid Foundation. It’s worth a read:


But, back to the weather, Scotland isn’t, in any general sense, colder than England. See the January 2017 temperature map above. Most of the UK has the same winter temperature with Northern Ireland and Cornwall being a wee bit cosier – take away their allowance!

When you local at the actual figures for regions, you discover some parts of England have it worse in the winter than some parts of Scotland do. First, see this map to illustrate where the regions are:


In winter 2017, the mean (average, sort of) temperature in West Scotland was 5 C while in England NW and Wales it was lower at 4.8 C and in England E and NE it was 4.7 C. Perhaps more significant for older folk is the situation during the day when they’re up and about trying to have a bit of a life and it’s below zero outside. That can be expensive unless you’re spending the day under the duvet too.

In the winter of 2017, the West of Scotland had 21 days of air frost while in England E and NE it was 26 and in England NW and Wales it was 24. That could make a difference to bills.

If you look at just December 2016, the West of Scotland had only 3 days of air frost. In the South-West of that region where I live, I’d put it at zero days. In the colder English and Welsh regions in was 5 or 6.

Come on Ruth, protect the Union, go on.


5 thoughts on “Why Ruth Davidson should be campaigning to keep the Winter Fuel Allowance for many of England’s old folk too

  1. Finnmacollie May 22, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    51 now !

    We lived in the Scotland West area of your map for a number of years and got the shock of our lives when we experienced our first winter back in Scotland East. It felt noticeably colder. The ground was like iron and the east wind would chill you to the bone. Maybe the Ministry of Ruth will think of cutting the payments for the softies in the west now that she has also come east. Mind you she is in the city and it’s a well known fact that urban areas are warmer than rural areas….think I’ll stop at that, there could be a theme developing and I wouldn’t like to give her any ideas.


  2. johnrobertson834 May 22, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Thanks Finn. We moved from Falkirk to Ayr in 84. T-shirts in November!


  3. chillyeastycoasty May 24, 2017 / 6:07 pm

    yes on the east coast and inland of the lammermuirs it is often freezing where even a mile away to the towns its above by 2 degrees . if you live in a frost pocket often the temp does not rise much during the day . but you still dont get the winter fuel payment the 7 day one when average temp must be 0 or below .they use the temperature taken in gogar which is 20 miles away .work that one out ..we once removed a hut that had snow under it in end of march but there had been no snow since the january .it had got blown under and never melted .—cold east and north winds .


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