Scottish Tory gives £425 000 to the Democratic Unionist Party.


We’ve already seen worrying evidence of sectarianism, bigotry and racism in the Tory party as we run up to the General Election. See:

Good News for Indyref2: More Tories mean more offensive comments

Now, Senior Scottish Conservative Richard Cook has been exposed as a major donor to the DUP. I’m not denying his right to donate to them just questioning the implications of it for the Tory party’s credibility as a party for the whole Scottish people, as they like to claim. Here some of what Open Democracy wrote:

Richard Cook is not just connected to Northern Irish unionism – he has links that go to the heart of the Scottish Conservative Party, the Saudi intelligence service and a notorious Indian gun running scandal……Key activists in his team were subsequently found burning the EU flag and posting Northern Irish loyalist song lyrics on Twitter.’


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