I told you. Tories cannot contain their inherent nastiness.


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Reported in the Press & Journal yesrterday:

‘Conservative activist reported to police after comparing young SNP campaigners to the Hitler Youth’

Not just any old or young activist mind yo’s this was from Nancy Duncan of Mintlaw, the newly-elected vice chair of the Conservative Women’s Scottish Council an office bearer for the Banff and Buchan Conservative & Unionist Branch. These attitudes and choice of language is typical of those deep in the Tory establishment as much as in its’ fringe loonies. They’re the ‘Nasty Party’ through and through. Here’s what she tweeted:

‘It would be good to know exactly where in Peterhead the Hitler Youth are holding their rally.’

She also added images of swastikas and Hitler. One of her respondents added:

‘Just wait for the reports of an increase in burglaries and vandalism when that lot are up.’

This comes only days after an English Tory MP told a Scottish schoolgirl to ‘Fuck off back to Scotland’ and another tweeted that the Irish ‘could keep their gypsies and expect a hard border’ just because they didn’t vote for the British entry at Eurovision. Perhaps most disturbing were these reports suggesting evidence of a much wider malaise currently being ignored by Ruth Davidson:


Good News for Indyref2: More Tories mean more offensive comments




2 thoughts on “I told you. Tories cannot contain their inherent nastiness.

  1. Finnmacollie May 19, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    I must have missed this story when it was plastered all over the MSM 😉

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