‘Treasure trove’ of new oil and gas exploration data released

Reported yesterday in Energy Voice, was an announcement that will make new oil and gas exploration more likely to be successful and further strengthen, in particular, Scotland’s energy industry over the post-independence period surely coming soon now. We don’t want the new discoveries named Lyme Regis or Buckingham.

Covering the Central North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Orcadian Basin, these new datasets have generated 25 new reports for the industry to take advantage of. See image above.

According to the report, ‘The analysis was based on new interpretations of well data, 125,000 line kilometres of seismic interpretation and basin modelling.’ That sounds convincing if not too understandable to me.

Quite a lot of the area is in English and Irish waters so good luck to them too. It will be interesting to see if the Clyde Estuary data is followed up on before we can get the nuclear subs out of that area and into the presumably oil-free Devonport.



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