Scotland would walk into the EU to resounding cheers.


Don’t let anyone tell you that Scotland would have trouble joining or staying in the EU. Even our mainstream media (MSM) has at last had to accept the fact after 50 EU parliamentarians wrote to Holyrood last week to say so. See some of the many MSM acknowledgements below. Nearly three years ago on China Central TV I was challenged with the idea that we would struggle. I laughed and said Scotland is a gem. They’d welcome us with open arms I insisted. At the time they had recently accepted the still blood-stained Croatia and were actively pursuing the utterly broken Ukraine, FFS! The argument is over now. It can’t be used against the Yes campaign this time or risk being laughed at. Here’s a quote from the Daily Record piece:

‘Therefore, if Scotland were to become an ­independent country and decided to seek to maintain EU membership, we offer our full support to ensure the transition is as swift, smooth and orderly as possible.’

Scotland would be ‘most welcome’ as full EU member … – The Scotsman…/scotland-would-be-most-welcome-as-full-eu-member-50-meps

Scotland would be ‘most welcome’ as full EU … – The Evening Times…/15213289.Scotland_would_be__most_welcome__as_full

Independent Scotland “most welcome” in EU, say 50 parliamentarians ……/15213979.Independent_Scotland__quot_most_welcome

Group of European politicians sign letter saying an independent Scotland would be ‘most welcome’ as member of EU

Dear Holyrood keep Scotland in Europe – Scottish Greens

Group of 50 European politicians announce independent Scotland ……/independent-scotland-welcomed-into-european-unio

Independent Scotland would be welcome to join EU, say Green MEPs …




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